Facebook freebies

I think itd be nicer if we actually got a few freebies on the facebook app page. I know the developers do pick 5 people at random but seriously 5 out of 500,000+ players… That’s like lottery odds. I’d like to get a bonus once a week or even once a month.

just curious, how does it work? cause my fb acct name & game name is different? how to take part then?

Everyone want free stuff :rofl:

On Empires & Puzzles page they post a pic and a question, you have to reply with the right answer and then they’ll pick the winners and write:

"Congratulations to the winners, you have won (n° of gems awarded) each!:tada::gem: Make sure to check your Facebook Inbox soon!"

So I think you only have to do Facebook’s access from the device to take the prize :slight_smile:

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How many gems? 5? 50? 500?

Is it worth the effort of looking at a Facebook profile I’ve neglected for 3 years.

Last time I logged on I had to ID photos of friends to confirm who I was…they had all got so old :grimacing:

The soccer contest (spot the ball) were awarding 600 gems by reading the staff’s comment.

What about those of us who don’t use facebook? Why does EVERYTHING have to be attached to that darn website these days; can’t we have a game that doesn’t punish us for not doing something totally unrelated? I say please no. Having a lottery ticket type reward is fine—it helps make it more fair and keep the game running without us having to join and use something completely unrelated.

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By posting under their pics you could make advertising (for your friends), having the chance to win gems.

It isn’t punishing for noone.

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The lack of a reward for choosing not to use Facebook is not a punishment. Someone else getting a reward for doing something is not punishing those who don’t do it.

Facebook is completely unrelated to playing e&p. It also has a lot of issues with privacy that cause a lot of people to not use it. Why should i miss out on rewards just because I don’t use facebook? Facebook shouldn’t be the get all end all of a phone game! I get that it helps them gain players; i get they want to encourge people to post and attract new players, but to give such nice rewards to people who are doing something that isn’t even on the official forum is stupid. Some food or iron or a few farmable items aren’t what I’m talking about; it seems what they give away are gems, something which i have to spend real money for. Nonfarmable ascension items would also cripple my gameplay compared to those who enjoy facebook.

I have spent well over $100 on this game; why should i have to feel handicapped or forced to create a facebook account? I will not create some fake account on an unrelated website to get free gems. I will stop spending and quit before that.

The issue here is not that i am against good advertising; players already recieve 50 gems for connecting their playing account to facebook and i have no issue with that. I also have no issue with SG giving good lottery-like prizes because again that helps to counter-balance it. What i have an issue with is the idea of SG regularly giving stuff that directly helps a player’s game (gems and nonfarmables) because that player does something on an unrelated website. If that’s the case then SG ought to make a way for us to get those items by doing something similar on their own website.

Why use facebook instead of their official website? For someone who can’t afford their own website i inderstand, but SG already has a website set up and running. I don’t understand this facebook obsession at all.

To me a company looks much more professional if they use their own website more often than they use a separate social media website.


Why phones company makes different offers to peoples who are/aren’t already members?

They incentivize peoples who aren’t members yet! I’ve yet to see a sms to do X promotion instead o Y if X is a better Y :man_shrugging:

The primary goal is to gather new members and you could only do that on sites different than the official one, don’t you think? And giving gems is the way to make so that peoples will be eager to comment their pics. How it’ll be if they would gift meat and iron? :rofl:

Sure, doing that stuff could gives you advantages but it is 100% fair, doing or not doing facebook is up to you.

That lottery is related to their game and the way to show peoples who isn’t yet aware of the game is to show it on internet… but not on the official forum: it would be kinda pointless.

And Facebook is a good spot to do so :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t thought about that, haha! Thank you for helping me to understand the other point of view!

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And just for the record:

The number of participants to said ‘‘challenges/give-aways’’ varies between ~1.500 - ~9.000 and always have 5 winners, which is just a handful of players. So basically the odds on winning the usual 600 gems are respectively 0,3% and 0,06%. I think it’s safe to say that these actions do not influence the balance between the non-Facebook users and the Facebook users. :wink:

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What I was saying no to was what the original poster was asking for, which is that facebook users regularly get guarenteed gifts.