Facebook Challenge Debacle


The Facebook challenge seemed straightforward. I was one of the few who got it correct. For some reason, E&P decided not to award the gems based on the correct answer but open it to all because they determined it was "too hard."
First of all, it wasn’t hard at all, you just had to compare maps. Took a couple minutes.
Second of all, isn’t that the point? To award those who know the game? Or are engaged enough to know? If only a few got it correct, then award it to those like how the rules were written. I don’t understand how you can change the rules when all the challenges have basically been the same format. From now on should we not care what our answers are?


If you offer a challenge and people accept and win; the reward should be given.
Maybe it did not go as planned but SGG should still honor their committment.
Learn from the mistake in setting up thechallenge but give people who won; their reward!


I don’t understand your post I also got he right answer (4) was that right.


Hi, we indeed drew 5 winners and 2 out of them didn’t answer correctly - our apologies for this error. We will draw today two more winners randomly from those that provided the correct answer. In fairness, all winners announced so far will win the reward. We will promise to improve our communications regarding challenges. Thank you for participating and good luck for the future challenges!


Thank you for correcting this