Fables of grimforest

Guys when is fables of grimforest coming…i want rumpelstiltskin :sob:

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Next month. But why him?

Hes awesome and i fell inlove with the series where he played rumpelstiltskin the dark one

I don’t bother doing the rare (3 star) tier because my 3 stars are so weak. My husband (an experienced, strong player) is having incredible problems completing the final level.

He showed me the bosses on that level and they are the SAME as the 4 star epic tier.

That doesn’t seem right?

The stats are adjusted for the level :blush:

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I wondered that but our strong team members are having real trouble with them regardless.

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the enemies are always the same in the 3 tiers, the difference is the Hp and attack stats

It’s not easy, for sure.

There are more detailed guides, but the general idea is:

  • ghost tiles on the preceding level so everyone is healed and charged
  • unload lots of arrows and other weapon items if available
  • pick a boss and fire everything at them
  • use mana and fire again
  • once one is dead, go for the next one

This video might help. @Wharflord has won several stages of challenge events, so he set himself the task of completing Legendary with only Epic heroes and minor items.

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@Uclapack, would you be so kind to share your epic master scores with us (october)? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

OK guys. This is my current Score. Which levels should I replay? I want to be in the top 100. The scores all have been to just finish the first round. So there were no items used before.


Thanks in advance!

You should check Kainboy’s topic and compare with your scores


Repeat again and again for boss wolf lol

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What do you expect of him?
Malosi made him pointless meat.

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