Fables of Grimforest Snow White ignores taunt

Hi all,

I was playing Fables of Grimforest challenge at Rare difficulty, level 14 today around 13:20CET.

I reached the final wave with a team of Karol, Vodnik, Vallen, Shrubbear and Belith.

After killing Rumpel I focused on Snow White. I had my Shrubbear’s taunt active. However, to my surprise, when Snow White activated her special, she damaged all my heroes and not only Shrubbear ( even though the message “protected” appeared above them). This behavior occurred more than once.

I would expect that during active taunt, the rest of the heroes in my team are not damaged. Curious to hear the devs or others’ opinion.

Is this an expected behaviour or not?


Hopefully that’s as intended.
Mitsuko should counter Whitey.
Snow dispels first.
Afterwards she hit the cleansed.


One of my clan’s mates made the same point just now.
I overlooked the dispel… Thanks for the quick really though :wink:

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Order on a dispell doesnt change the Taunt mechanic, Aoe dispell still hits the taunt first. Leaving other heroes undispelled. What Snow White seems to be doing is firing the Aoe dispell twice: first one is the queue for the “allies” and the second one for the enemies. So first aoe hits the Taunt and protects the enemies, but the second aoe comes right along and with no taunt it hits the other enemies.

It could be a taunt counter (having a double dispell on 1 ability), but if so the wording on Snow White ult is not clear enough. Imho, seems like a bug thou.


This should not be happening. If you can document it with video, please add that to this thread.

Not really. SW special skill is very specific. Dispel ALL… There is no AoE dispel. Dispel absolutely everything on the field.

It doesn’t matter if is taunted or not. ALL! The only situation when she cannot dispel, should be against Mitsuko (already reported bug) or undispelable buffs (Chameleon will be able to do even this, being the best dispeller in the game).

We are talking about semantics then and if your conclusion is correct then, Snow White text needs to be make more clear. The wording of “All” is also on other dispellers, but not in the same order and the meaning is still the same, unless ofc semantics context. I double checked on 2 other languages of my knowleadge and you still have a definition that by general understanding will give you the same idea of any other dispeller ability.

At this point is either a bug or is working as intended as a counter to taunt mechanics, but if so the wording is lacking and prone to confusion by ppl.

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From my understanding, Snowwhite will suck all buffs and status effects from everyone (opponents and allies) then turn them into attack power.

So her skill bypasses everything even reflect or counter attack, or any kind of boost and protection.

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