Fables of Grimforest monster chart- What heros will you use?


I edit my post. Maybe OP can swap the image with the updated one too. Thanks


Lol funny. I did the exact same thing… and I likely did it on the same stage… only for me it did not end well lol.

Oh look, I can make a red diamond. Shoot falcon into 3 red reflects (because thinking is not important) and insta gibb him. Oh, that wasn’t smart … then immediately pop the red diamond (because that’s smarter?) which finishes off Boldtusk. lol


No worries! I just know no one is going to get past the first image to where it is fixed, haha.


well yah, you need to work around it. I realized as soon as the monsters popped up. Kill the middle guy and try and unload the red gems there. But good for killing bosses (it was a non-Hood stage).


Edited with the fixed chart!


I finished Legendary last night with this lineup of 4* heroes

Rigard (4/66) - Melendor (4/59) - Sonya (3/60) - Tiburtis (4/70) - Wu Kong (4/67)

I used basically this lineup throughout Epic & Legendary
Swapping in Sabina (4/70), Caedmon (3/60), Grimm (3/43) depending on the Boss

Rare - arrows, antidotes, minor mana, minor health
Epic - arrows, bombs, antidotes, minor mana
Legendary - arrows, bombs, dragon attack, minor mana


  • Rigard and Wu Kong were always my flanks, mixed the middle 3 attackers depending on boss(es)

  • I always had a healer, debuffer, and a defense limiter in the center and flank positions

  • Did not use a red hero in this event, thought about Boldtusk but decided to go with healers that cured and debuffed instead.


For Legendary I used Wu, Joon, Kiril, Grimm, Sonya in that order

Items: mana potion, Bombs, axes, green potion


I got some 4*'s pretty early when I started so I never really had a chance to level the 3*'s other Bane. I did a few to some degree but not much. I had a really hard time last event getting level 10. I just don’t know if its worth the flags and items to try and clear it.