Fables of Grimforest event coming sooner?- Thu June 7- DEV RESPONSE

Someone on the forum mentioned that the upcoming event for Fables of Grimforest will have an early release. Can someone confirm it, so we could properly prepare for it.

The event is still in tests on beta so I don’t know if they will release this month!!!

I think the event would come on the 2nd week of the month, as usual

The devs are hopeful that they can release Fables this month, so I imagine we’ll see it on the 14th.

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It seems like they need to pause everything and put the new event off until July. Whatever they programmed for the event is wreaking havoc on the rest of the coding.

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Thank you for the info. LIttle sad regarding the new characters not being available for the upcoming event but I guess it’s for the best. Are we still getting an event in mid June?

So the June event will be guardians again?

I’ve read in chat that the event will be 7 - 10 June. Pretty sure I saw @Petri confirm this in Peer Support.

But this was about a week ago; before the AW issues.

Yes, the next Challenge Event (Fables of Grimforest) will start on Thursday (7 June) and ends on Sunday (10 June)! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Petri ! 20 characters

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Ugh… thanks for breaking your cycle… now I have the wrong Sunday off of work…:wink:

Can you guys release a calendar of some sorts for these events?


Great, thanks for the official response.

Interesting to see Zero with top scores by using 3 fully levelled guardian jackals, wukong, and kiril in epic level

and used kiril, athena, guardian jackal, musashi and wukong in legendary.