Fables of GrimForest Epic Level 10 - HELP!

I’ve tried different attack strategies but every time r
Red Hood keeps giving the other enemies extra HP (life energy).

Any suggestions? I only have six epic Heroes, so I must rely on battle items.

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What team do you use?

I have Agwe, Caedmon, Rigard, Chao, & Sonya.
Gormek I don’t use.

Maybe it can help you if you put strong 3* blue heroes. I used Grimm, Kirill, G-Jackal, Rigard and a blue 3*. I made it with them. Blue heroes and Axt attacks (don’t know how they’re called) can be very useful.

Note: From my 4* only Rigard was fully lvled! The others were 3 and something.


It is difficult. Go into the last stage with all hero’s ready to fire their specials. Kill Red Hood first! Double or triple up on blue. Pray. Use battle items like bombs and axes along with mana pots and antidotes ailments.

I cruised through all epic levels easily until that last boss battle. It is really brutal. So tough that I don’t think I will survive legendary…not going to try.

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Not a bad team. I’m not familiar with Agwe, but as far as I can see, it has average attack stats and gives protection agains Green attacks, which should be useful agains Hansel.

For me it worked to use Axes. One Axe thrown after Hood fired her special removed all the foxes.


Depending on what weapons you have in your arsenal, I think you should give legendary a second thought.

Time stops and axes got me through the Camelot Event a month ago.

Thanks to you all for giving me advice and encouragement. I think when I’ll have a go at Red Hood and her friends :smile:

Yeah, maybe I’ll give it a go…but I don’t have the forge up enough to get time stops or even dragon attacks.

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That team should be able to complete epic. Focus on preparing a good board before the boss stage and charging all your specials in advance. Since you have Sonya to dispel Boss Wolf’s riposte, I’d focus down Rumpelstiltskin first. I made a thread about beating stage 10 of legendary, and all the same concepts apply to epic.

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You need wu kong in your lineup. Do you have hansel? And another blue for agwe?

My lineup was:

Wu kong, Grimm, hansel, melendor Sonja

My wifes lineup was:

Wu kong, Grimm, sabina, hansel, sonja

DID IT!!! :grin: :rofl: :joy:

I found it best to go slow. I carefully took out Red Hood with specials, tiles and axes. It was an ordinary board after Red Hood was gone.

I took out Rumpelstiltskin and left The Growler for last. Chao finished him!


Congratulations! You got the experience.