Fables of Grimforest, 13th level , Legendary

13th level, legendary quest. The boss Little Red Hoot doesn’t dai after 78 minutes battle. How long I have to hit it?

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LoL, too crazy.

Maybe try again with at least 3 or 4 ice heroes.

Use more blues and avoid red heroes completely, red is reflected! Anzogh does damage to your Team.

Edit: don’t know how reflect red works here, but firing anzogh makes dam to your reds. Does it also heal red hood?
Anyway, you have 3 healers, anzogh (half AoE, half healer without any use) and only one sniper.

Your best bet is using a mana blocker like Proteus, Hansel, Gretel, Hel, or Peters. I enter the level use mana potions if needed. Use all my tiles and keep mana blocker special at max when effect runs out. I used Proteus, Grimm, Kiril, Vela, and Ranvir. Ran through will no problem. You can alternate those heros but I’d recommend 3 blues (a healer/buffer, def downer, and attacker), 1 mana control, and 1 atk booster like Miki, tarlak, Wu Kong, or Ranvir. I used for items bomb atk, med and large mana potions and dragon banner to keep atk/def buff on at all times.

Yeah thats completely the wrong team to take against red hood - you have 4 healers and only 1 attacker! Use 3 blues and 2 yellows - took me less than 2 minutes - i used frida, vela, isarnia, vivica, poseidon

Show us your hero roster and we will help you which heroes you should bring to win the stage.

Definitely right now you brought wrong heroes

@lonyka your red tiles and heros are useless against red heros in this event.
All red damage is deflected back to you! Meaning you are damaging redhood with only three colors and it is very weak compared to her heal.
Use 4 blues (one healer) and wu kong and it will be an easy win!

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