Fables of GRIM forest. Show your new hero's!


No pulls for pirates and fables of grim :smile:
Saving coins and waiting my lovely Zeline and the gravemaker in atlantis summons :smile: :smile:


Thanks for the input and congrats on your promotion!


It was very bittersweet. I did one single pull, just because I would like Hansel, and got Boss wolf. Just about one of the worse 5* s around. Talk about misplaced luck


Misplaced luck? I did 180 pulls for Panther and got TWO, not one, TWO guardian owls!!! Now, which one did you say was the worst 5*?


Wow :frowning_face: I’m sad for you @Luiz, I can’t figure out how disappointing it must be …

@Branwen, I use Boss Wolf in my regular team, he’s not that bad :wink:


Getting a 5* event hero with one pull is quite good luck, actually.


Boss wolf gets a bad rap. Just level up a mana troop to lvl 23 and boss wolf is a slow cast hero and average when his mana regen kicks in.

He’s isnt guin or GM good as a tank but he isn’t as bad as owl.


Well, I did a 10 pull just for fun today, and got:

Lianna!!! :+1::+1::+1::hugs:

Which makes me very happy indeed, because I did not have her.

What a nice surprise! :hugs:

I am glad that I listened to the smart player who said “Do not bother with pulls by color, you will get the heroes that you are missing by other means”. I sure did today.

(I already have hansel and gretel, and I am not really in need of rumple or red hood. Lianna was just perfect)


300 gems and there she was! Love you my lovely red hood!


Just like me during the first grimm forest event… only one 300gem pull and there she was :slight_smile:

And just to think… some people use hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars/euros to get these heroes, and still fail to get them


I cannot believe you spent so much trying to get red. That’s bonkers lol


1 x10. I also pulled elena


Wow, that’s astonishingly improbable. Congrats!


Ty, yea I was super lucky. Those are the first and only event 5s I have gotten since I started playing this game lol