Fables of GRIM forest. Show your new hero's!

To keep things a bit clear, here you can show your new Fable of GRIM forest hero’s.
And all the happy happy joy joy you have experienced while getting them :slight_smile:

How good is Hansel? Is he worth?

Azar and Valen :cry:

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Carver (2x)
Friar tuck
Balthazar (2x)

No fairy tale hero’s around today for me.

starts to build a candy house and hopes to lure them this way but fears without any gems they will not come and show themselves


I did a 10-pull and got Tiburtus, Caedmon, Gretel and Boss Wolf, the rest were 3* :slight_smile:


I did 41 summons but the only heroes of note were Hansel and Gretel. Not even a hero of the month.

I was working on leveling up Peters but I think I might switch to Hansel. He seems like he does essentially the same thing but a bit better. Fast mana and damages about the same %, but instead of just silencing he deals damage and lowers their mana.


I did 1x10 event pull

4* - Tiburtus, Caedmon, Sonya, Hansel, Gretel (2)
3* - Graymane, Dawa, Azar, Belith
Bonus Draw - Gravemaker

Very happy with this draw.


I feel you, did 3x10 pulls, only got hansel and gretel. Even 1 of the 10x pull were all 3*

Anyone else think the tick tock heros are much better ?

I think the only hero i’d want from this is red hood

obakan con chiamata da 300

Did a 10x pull:

5*: Sartana
4*: Gretel, Kiril, Scarlett

I was hoping for Hansel and Kiril and Scarlett are dupes, but I’m still really happy with Sartana and Gretel.


4x10 pulls

1x Red Hood
2x Gretel
1x Hansel

No other 5* or HotM.


4* : Gretel, Boldtusk, Gormek
3* : Balthazar, Ishtak, Oberon, Jahangir, Dawa

In all, not too bad :wink:

I did 3x10 pulls and got Hansel in the last one. No other GRIM-specific heroes.

I did get an extra Boldtusk, a Kiril and 2 Hu-Tao (not excited about that one). The rest was all disappointing 3*s.

I did 1x 10 pull and a few singles

In the 10 I got Gretal Wu Rigard Scarlet (all 4* dups but decent ones), the rest 3*.

In the single pulls I got Wu (3rd one) and Colen (dupe but I will keep him around) and a few 3*.

Not great but not horrible either.

2 Hansel
Wu Kong
…and a bunch of crappy 3*

10x summon = Caedmon, Melendor and 8X3* (incuding 4 Ulmers) :frowning:

Second 10x summon = Melendor again, Gretel and 8x3* (slightly better I suppose).

I am through epic and 4 into legendary. I don’t remember seeing a boss at 4000 hp so early. This is going to be rough.

I am bringing Joon Grimm BT Rigard Caedmon (basically the only team maxed (Joon at 70…stupid darts))

Picked up Hansel and Gretel along with 7 3* and a Chao in a 10x summon. Did a single pull for the hell of it 10 mins later and pulled Boss Wolf. No complaints here!

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Kabilen, culen y boril. Sólo 7 tiradas.

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