Fables of GRIM forest. Post your screen shots, comments, and advice here


Impressed you got redhood between her two bodyguards!

I would like to use belith, but only got her halfway through 2nd ascension. Not sure I can push her up in time.


Since these events are timed (or at least your scores depends somewhat on it), My mind wasn’t really focused on who to really take out first. But as a general rule, you take out those who has potential to prolong battles, and that is the Healer. So a few rounds into the battle I have already noticed her constantly healing her side, even if it may be in small amounts. It is definitely something that weighs on the mind.

Rumpel heals too, but his special is a wild card, so it doesn’t happen all the time.

To me Belith is essential because her special will heal and debuff the enemy spells that can be dispelled. In combination with antidotes helps cut down on healing aids usage.


Try with Belith, her debuff is crucial for the fight.


I’ll have to throw everything at her for another 24 hours!!


I would also suggest not throwing all your attack items, arrows/axes, at once in the beginning of the fight. It will all be wasted if you don’t get a good board. Drip out the arrows and axes so the bosses are always in a debuffed state. Save Belith’s special for after wolf fires his special, use healing potions in between and mana pots to get the timing right.


I have four 5* team, Zeline, Delilah, Alasie and Obakan (second last level) plus Kiril and for the love of me i couldn’t take down Legendary stage 10. I had to take bombs, axes and dragon breath with 100% mana flasks. In a straight fight with bombs and axes plus healing it was a struggle. I was getting these two, three in a row healing cards 1000 hp each from the blue boss every fight. Too much. My strength is 3526 and i have zero chance to compete. I did “well” in rare only with score of 22k… I think this is slightly off balace if such team struggles.


I used similar items, but two of my heroes in Legendary were snipers, Alasie at 4/14 and a fully maxed Joon. I also was using Kiril for the buff. Between those heroes, the items, and some Wu boosted tiles I took out Rumple first.

Those back to back healings were what caused me my first loss in an event in a long time, on Rare where my bench depth is nowhere near as good as my higher heroes. I dealt with that the same way as I did in Legendary, more single hit snipers on Rumplestiltskin, then going for Red Hood to take down her fox army before it went too nightmarish.


I’m trapped in '10.

I’ve got the following heroes:

5 star
Sartana 3-60, Magni 3-52, Zeline 3-55, Delilah 3-25.

4 star
G.Jackal 4-70, BT 4-70, Caedmon 4-70, Wu Kong 4-61, Rigard 4-55, Sonya 4-55, Grimm 4-63, Colen 4-34.

I’m now having:
G.Jackal, Magni, BT, Zeline, Grimm.

How can i make a better level 10?

Would Rigard, Caedmon, Magni, Grimm, Jackal be a nice try? Rigard for the poison.

I’ve got a level 12 forge. What must i bring form that? I hope someone can help me out. :smiley:


Bring WU for sure. Before you enter last wave load all heroes mana and create1-2Diamonds. Then go to bossstage. Fire 5xbomb, axe,arrow and finish one hero off with specials and Diamonds. Good Luck


I use same team except for joon I replaced by vivica. I took 9 minutes and two bombs to finish level 10. For me it’s the easiest event.


I would try Sonya, Jackal, Magni, Grimm & Delilah with antidotes, mana potions, arrows & bombs.

Or you could try without a healer at all and use Wu Kong instead of Delilah with antidotes, healing potions, arrows & bombs.


Always bring a healer, you’ll never know if something will go wrong… and many healers have useful secondary effects!


I didn’t plan on relying on Alberich’s res power, and I didn’t need it either, but even nerfed his whole party mana boost in addition to healing is quite helpful. Kiril was more important for his buffs than his healing too.


Just to show it’s possible without a fully leveled team my alt, which I started about 3 weeks ago, beat the last rare stage with the below team & items.

I did not expect to win, it was just a test run to see if I had a chance and wasn’t deluding myself, while I waited for my forge to upgrade to level 8 so I could make axes.

I took out Boss Wolf, then Red, then Rumple. I used all my items. Most of the health potions went to keep Valen and his defense down alive, most mana pots went to Belith to keep her debuff ready for Wolf’s riposte. I ran out of items by the time I got to Rumple, but by then I had plenty of room to ghost my way to a tortoise like victory. It took 30 min.


Here’s the setup I used for Legendary 10:

Managed to get to the boss without losing anyone (there were a few close calls; LJ doesn’t have great defense). With everyone charged up and close to full health and with 2 crystals on the board, I went into the boss.

Right off the bat, I fired every special except for Chao at Red, used a bomb for damage/debuff, used a dragon attack for damage/DOT.

Turn 1: Fire one of the crystals (I think green) to do a bunch of tile damage to Wolf/Rumple and a bit to Red and also recharge LJ a bunch. After this, enemy specials are charged about 25%.

Turn 2: Use Chao’s special on Red to lower her mana back to near 0 and deal a bit of damage, then fire the other crystal (I think red). Enemy specials are charged about 50% (Red’s is a bit lower).

Next few turns: Clear tiles down the center to do as much damage to Red as possible while the DOT from the first dragon attack drains them slowly. LJ charges back up for Turn 4, so I can keep enemy mana regen low. Chao also helps keep enemy mana in check.

By about Turn 5 or 6, enemy health was collectively down to a little below 50% and all enemy specials were almost fully charged. At that point, I fired off all my remaining dragon attacks, which was enough to defeat both Red and Rumple. Wolf decided to be stubborn and live long enough to fire his special, but by then he only had a sliver of health left and I crushed him a few turns later with Sonya and Tiburtus. I never had to dip into my antidotes or mana potions, but if the board hadn’t been so lucky I would have used the mana potions to keep LJ and Chao going with their mana control as long as possible.

TLDR: Mana control and an offense-heavy team seems to be the key to victory in this event.


Completed legendary with a 4* team. Cyprian was my key and his riposte

I even recorded it and am now a you tuber, my kids will be so proud !
Here’s the link for anyone who cares :slight_smile:


Still working up my roster of 3* heroes so did rare level only but did much more easily this challenge. Used Valen, Ulmer, Bane, Balthazar, Belith (6/8) with axes, arrows, healing pot, mana pot.

My question is about scoring. I heard using tiles/specials scores better than using battle items? This factor in more so than time? Thanks