Fables of GRIM forest. Post your screen shots, comments, and advice here


Fables of Grim forest is upon us, finally… you can post anything and everything about it here. Advice for the newbies would be nice . Don’t hold back e&p fans.

Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?

One bit of advice for all comers: Have fun!


I will be tracking the monsters, their colours and the hero bosses for each level. I will post the results here ASAP :slight_smile: and offer some advise along with it. If ppl can provide info or help fill the spreadsheet, much appreciated ^.^


I have a question for item use: How do you use items in 2nd stage (epic?) to maximize your score? Do you bomb away the first level of mobs? I‘ve never done it and Im pretty curious. Thnx in advance


Heard a theory that the chances of getting Event Heroes are much higher at the very beginning of the Event (imidiatelly after the Event spawns). Is this true?


No. It’s random :smiley:. A lot of ppl will be waiting with their finger above the summon button, so it might seem as if lot of ppl get the event heroes they want, because they post their success on the forum straight. RNG, @suntanglory RNG all the way!


@maaeetz. I would have thought the best way to get higher scores depends firstly on a carefully picked team. Many variables in this case. For instance wu would be great to dramatically increase points or other heroes with attack up would have the same effect.

Secondly using mana potions, bear banners from the beginning and through out to get attack up would increase score as well.


I got Hansel.
Also have Caedmon and Little John


10x pull only got me normal 3* hero’s that I already all have got…
Now lets see if we can do some damage in the event


Did 4 pulls, got 3* crap and Justice :expressionless:


Can we please NOT make this a pull Thread. Thanks😘


Ok guys… here is the monster/boss sheet for the rare levels. It’s in Dutch, but I think you’ll be able to understand :slight_smile: as I put the colours accordingly.

Last stage I used Belith, Brienne, Dawa, Greymane and Ulmer // Dawa and Greymane are not my first choice, but currently I don’t have better yellow/blue maxed. Bane and Valen would have been among my selection. Brought axe, health potion, arrows and antidote. Score was 64K. I made a vid of it, if ppl would like to see. Aight, cheers folks and GL in the event!

PS: Be careful of the manablock, remove it first with antidote before you start putting in mana potions. Learned that the hard way ;).

Fables of Grimforest monster chart- What heros will you use?

Thanks for that GoVegan.

Does anyone could tell me what kind of heroes level / team power is needed to hope to complete the legendary level ?


Last legendary event I completed with roughly 3.2k team. But this trio annoys me much more because of so much heal and riposte… I‘m gonna start legendary soon with Team of 3.35k and will tell how it goes


My advice VS Ryuk:
you should have Merlin, Peters or heroes like Little John and Chao to overcome special’s enhanced speed.

I cleared the last stage with Wu Kong - Tiburtus - Merlin - Sabina - Rigard

For every Rimple / Wolf encounter (apart the last one) I found Melendor (and Little John) pretty useful.


thanks buddy appreciate it


Having only completed the Rare tier so far, I’ll share these observations:

  • Bring antidotes to help dispel debuffs (Boss Wolf’s mana reduction, Rumpel’s defense debuff, to a lesser extent Hansel/Gretel’s witch slayer effects)
  • Bring attack items like axes or bombs in any level that has Red Hood. They’re great for immediate fox removal.
  • Don’t bring a red attacker if you have a choice. I went in with Azar (since I didn’t have a second 3* blue to pair with Valen) and, while she was useful for keeping Boss Wolf at bay, she was a liability everywhere else.


I’ve just used one team to complete the nine lvls of epic

  Wu - ciprian - bold tusk- kiril- little John. 

For the final level, I changed bold tusk with Sonia to dispell reposit. Lvl 10 was hard!


Epic - grimm, caedmon, li xiu, wu kong, sabina

Legendary - switch lianna for caedmon.

I didnt think these were as hard as Avalon or Guadians


I am not totally through the levels, but I think one observation I saw was that in some of the other event quest stages, there will be “some” stages in between that won’t have enemies that put up elemental barriers (e.g. no reflect colored enemies). So in those stages, you can go ahead use the heroes that has color that normally gets reflected so you don’t end up doing many 1 damages.

But it seems this event, every stage has Red enemies, hence Reflect is on all stages.