Fable Quest, Epic stage 5 never ends.?



I played 5 time different heroes used continue 3 times, and always still got defeated.
Please check is there a bug?


I used 4* Tibs, Kiril, Caedmon, Wu Kong, Grimm won (2nd time) not have to gem it, you may want to change your purple 5* for a blue.

I went in on last round all ready to hit and board stacked up and targeted one at a time which you probably have done.


Bring as much attacking items as possible for bosses.

Arrows, axes, bombs and Dragon attacks


In which way do you think this is a bug?

What’s happening is that Red Hood is charging up, and healing up, faster than you damage her. To counter this, you need to a) control her mana recharge and/or b) deal more damage to her.

And/but I really get your, and others frustration, regarding this.

An obvious first step is to double or triple up on blue heroes. Do you also have a defence debuffer, preferably Grimm or, if not, Tiburtus?

If you have any hero controlling mana - especially Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Cabin boy Peters (if you don’t have any 5* mana controllers) or maybe Li Xiu or Chao - try using one (or more) of these.


These final bosses are tough to take down. Once Red Hood gets her little forest friends going, you are in a world of hurt.

See @Wharflord’s video of how he did that stage using few items:

The key is to use the second stage to set up your specials and the board for a massive first strike. Wharflord didn’t use items here, other than a few minor mana pots. Most players bring a slew of damage-dealing items to inflict serious harm on the bosses at the start of the third stage, but it’s not necessary with careful choice of heroes and setup during the second stage.