F2Pers- Do you spend gems for extra roster space?

Buying roster space is the best gem usage in game in my opinion :+1:

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Absolutely right. Never used any gems at the summon portal, but have purchased many slots. At 195 slots (level 65) up to 250gem cost for me now. All those gems probably equal a 30% chance of a legendary hero lol, give me slots instead.

The above is why I always call foul on how FTP have roster space issues.


All of the 50 and 100 priced ones. I am a hoarder so I have 130 heroes locked and 140 space.

Maybe I bought some 150 priced ones? I can’t recall now, but I am flirting with buying more space


Personally yes.

My main account isn’t what you’d call free buy my alt is.

It’s currently only little but will buy all the 50-gem expansions (maybe the 100 too…?)

Reason being is that depth is the nature of the game. More depth you have the better you do and more mats etc… That you get. More mats = more heroes = do better = more mats etc…


As c2p it’s def worth to expand your rosta space! But use it in the the best way that benfits you. As you grow so does your rosta I have 94 slots no idea how many locked in. As you play more you get the sense of is this hero worth keeping a dupe of or not also there class is the other option to compete and complete in trials.

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If you’d asked me when I was a free to play player for the first 18 months, I’d have said no. But that was before the addition of wars and raid tourneys. Now I can’t imagine players ever having enough free slots and I’m not even a hero hoarder!

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Yes, running out of space is reality for f2p.


Like others have said buy the 50 and 100 gem expansions.

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I definitely get the extra space. Leaves more room for dupes of important 4 stars.

Yes, I’m totally ftp, level 56. Need room for 3*, 4* and 5* without a whole lot of dupes and then the feeders.

Still missing a lot of heroes that I want so I will be getting more space in the future.

F2p, I guess stands for Free to Play?

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20 yeps.

Cheap to play (c2p)
Very cheap to play (vc2p)
Pay to play p2p
Pay to win (p2w)

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Check this thread :slight_smile: has all the jargon which gets tossed around


I’m 100% f2p. After reached 50 level above my roster get so crowded that i need to buy roster space costing 50 gems until it capped to 100 gems i stop

This “may” come to you as a shocker. But I am F2P, I have never spent Gems on Roster Space expansion. I am level 62 about to level up soon, my roster space cap is at 94. I have 84 heroes. Those 84 heroes made up of every 3* - 5* heroes I have collected since I started playing 2 years ago.

Personal preference, I collect for uniqueness and don’t keep duplicates (yes, that means duplicate 5* are fed off too). My piss poor summoning luck prevented me from having the urgent need to purchase roster spaces (I am known as the doom and gloom alliance leader in my alliance whenever there is summoning event, where I get to tell them hey, it’s 3* food for me again).

Every time I gain an unique hero or two, and took down my available spots, I often get into the draught of not any more for a while that the +2 every other level ups almost always have me hovering around 10 spaces left (enough for temporary feeders since they often get used up as soon as I get them, and enough for expensive feeders resulting from crappy 10x summons, for that matter).

If you do a little search in the forum you will find a data sheet telling you how much roster space one would have at a certain level (unaltered), whenever curious minds in my alliance wants to know, I get to tell them from my own profile.

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it must be 185 spaces


20 horrible boards.

I am FTP and have a roster space of about 170. ( 200 gems per step )
Since I have around 40 maxed 4*'s and the same amount of maxed 3*'s plus maybe 10 maxed 5*'s that seems a lot…but right now I am hoarding doubles for the hero academie! You see…hope dies last!!! :smile:

I’m a level 38 100% f2p, and I bought quite a lot of roster space. The next option would cost me 150 gems and I think I already bought 1 or 2 at that price.

I now have 127 hero slots and it’s still not enough for me. I have a lot of maxed 3* heroes, and a few 4 and 5* heroes that I’ll obviously keep for a long time. Plus I like to keep quite a lot of trainer heroes to use when a hero gets close to maxed out.

Without that many slots I wouldn’t be able to (almost) always have 10 feeders of one color when my roster is full.

I gots 175(I think) roster spaces / 14 , five star. / 34, 4 star a few three stars the rest are feedes, I fill the spaces up and on the weekend I let my wifey. Madame Cool Breeze catch me up, I dont have the time while working all weeks. To work on this game too much I play quests , season two thing and merc at her request

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