F2Pers- Do you spend gems for extra roster space?

As an essentially F2Per (I finally got guilted into buying ONE deal), I have never used even ONE gem on anything other than Summons bc I believe that is the best use of them for F2Pers- I’ve been able to find a workaround for everything else or it’s just not worth the gems. Even with a pretty cramped roster space, I’ve managed to find the most efficient and quickest way to still level heroes with a limited number of feeders. With room for about 20 feeders and the system I used, I was usually able to get 7-8 mostly-same color and 2-3 different-color, which only sacrifices food a little (but worth saving gems for heroes). But now, it’s getting awfully cramped and I’m down to ~16 feeder space.

  1. Should I stick with ~5 same color/5 different color feeds and sacrifice the food/continue saving gems (F2P all the way!), or
  2. Is it reallyyy worth it to spend the 50 gems on roster space (:sob:)

Side question: Have you guys as F2Pers bought roster space?

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I have spent the gems for roster space. I find between tc20/tc14 and events (eht/coins) there are plenty of heros (4*+) waiting in queue for leveling. The extra space allows for matching 10 of the same color when leveling which is more efficient.


Short answer: yes.

I’ve bought all the 50 and 100 gem slots (the price increases as you buy more). If you’re CTP like me (I’ve bought one gem share deal and two VIP sales in just under a year of playing) or pure FTP, you probably have a lot of 3*s lying around. They’re extremely useful for augmenting your income through tournaments and challenge events. Same goes for 4*s, which will likely feature in all of your teams for a while. You want to keep collecting useful heroes, and you want extra room to stock feeders for x10 feeding or even just to store heroes you find while burning loot tickets during AR. What you’re giving up isn’t that bad compared to what you’re enabling yourself to do.


“It’s better than 1 Renfeld and two third of Dawa”

F2P player about to buy extra rooster spaces


Yeah, I guess as long as I have enough extra heroes to work on (which clearly I do with the lack of roster space), maximizing leveling efficiency is actually slightly more important/better value at this point than Summons (at least for 50 gems). Thanks all :slight_smile:.

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I think so. 50 gems doesn’t go very far. Plus you have to think of the cost of frustration over having your roster filled all the time and then you only have like 2 heroes per color to feed, so after like 2 battles, you end up with a full roster again. Ugh.


Bought all the roster space available at the 50 gem price point. Bought one at 100 gems.

100% f2p, I have 128 roster space and it feels like it’s getting crowded more and more often. I’ve bought all the 50 gems slots and a couple of 100 gems. Eventualy I’m sure I’ll have to buy more., but those sure will be some well invested gems.


It’s the only reasonably priced thing in the game.


There comes a point, I think, when it’s pretty much inevitable. I’m level 51, F2P (except for the Rudolph VIP, which I bought in December with Google Play credit from surveys), and my roster space is at 99. Not sure how many times that means I’ve bought space, but it is more than one and few enough that my next one will still be 50 gems. I could definitely trim out some fat by eating 4-star dupes, but I wanted to see how costumes (including those yet unreleased) and Hero Academy shake out. I also can’t bring myself to feed away legendaries, even though there is virtually no chance that I will ever level 3 Domitias, 3 Khagans, 2 Thornes, or 2 Elenas.

I actually agree with this. When you consider that every name change after the first is 500 gems, I was shocked that more roster space is only 50.


Yes all the 50 and 100 slots

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Buying roster space is the best gem usage in game in my opinion :+1:

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Absolutely right. Never used any gems at the summon portal, but have purchased many slots. At 195 slots (level 65) up to 250gem cost for me now. All those gems probably equal a 30% chance of a legendary hero lol, give me slots instead.

The above is why I always call foul on how FTP have roster space issues.


All of the 50 and 100 priced ones. I am a hoarder so I have 130 heroes locked and 140 space.

Maybe I bought some 150 priced ones? I can’t recall now, but I am flirting with buying more space


Personally yes.

My main account isn’t what you’d call free buy my alt is.

It’s currently only little but will buy all the 50-gem expansions (maybe the 100 too…?)

Reason being is that depth is the nature of the game. More depth you have the better you do and more mats etc… That you get. More mats = more heroes = do better = more mats etc…


As c2p it’s def worth to expand your rosta space! But use it in the the best way that benfits you. As you grow so does your rosta I have 94 slots no idea how many locked in. As you play more you get the sense of is this hero worth keeping a dupe of or not also there class is the other option to compete and complete in trials.

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If you’d asked me when I was a free to play player for the first 18 months, I’d have said no. But that was before the addition of wars and raid tourneys. Now I can’t imagine players ever having enough free slots and I’m not even a hero hoarder!

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Yes, running out of space is reality for f2p.


Like others have said buy the 50 and 100 gem expansions.

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I definitely get the extra space. Leaves more room for dupes of important 4 stars.

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