F2P Season Summon Question

I agree. The game is unbalanced.

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Lucky F2P will get occasional great 5* pull. Unlucky P2P might not get great 5*. Yes, the game is unfriendly

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Dont sweat it einstein lol

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There’s no proof they are rigged. The odds are low, but even FTP still get lucky from time to time.

If you don’t ever summon you will definitely never get anything, so might as well try.


Are you trying to make sense or is your predictive text rigged?


Don’t wait use your tokens now. As a f2p you waiting just minimizes your chances of getting something now and training them up to be useful come fall/winter. A well trained 4* or 5* now is worth way more than a shiner Xmas 5*.

You can use that hero to take down titans and score higher in events for the next 6 months. This will help you get even more tokens. Waiting 6 months for a Xmas hero (even if you get it) means you won’t have a strong hero until mid 2023

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I play mono frequently (especially in war) and have never experienced anything remotely like this. Sure, I’ve had some unlucky boards, but never “1%” boards. Not once. Mind you, I haven’t finished playing my fifth full year yet, that won’t be until August.

I will say this, though: in my opinion, the chances for having Super Special Success, like finishing in the Top Ten of events or staying above 3000 trophies and the like, do appear to be skewed very heavily toward those who are willing to spend a lot. However, my definition of Enough Success To Be Fun has always been a bit lower (I can complete all events, sometimes Top 5%, mostly not; I can stay in Diamond but have only once made it to the Top 100 in Raids; my Alliance kills 11-12* Titans and wins a decent percentage of Wars; I have some spiffy heroes that are interesting and fun to experiment with), and that costs me roughly $3-5 a month (I always allow myself one purchase per month, but not with my alt, which is strictly f2p). I think it’s perfectly reasonable to claim that Tippy Top Success requires spending, but Enough Success To Be Fun decidedly does not.

As a former mathematician, it is a bit sigh-inducing to see how people think Random Numbers work, though.


I hate to admit it, but I’ve been really lucky as an F2P this year. I only take what comes my way - and I don’t do wars or tourneys or the newer events - and still I have pulled 3 of the 6 HoTM of 2022 so far, plus cKillhare and Quartz. So it happens.

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He’s a programmer who has ties to Russian hackers that have rigged the game. You best be careful there! :joy:


The only thing you posted was some low resolution clip of some rando moving color picker app bars in Russian. Conspiracy theories are a thataway :point_right:


Lots of great advice here, thank you all for explaining this to me.

I have focused on building 3* rainbow teams and have almost two complete at this point. I am not sure if I am assembling them correctly, so its a lot of trial and error. I also have not started to emblem any of my heroes 3/4* but I think I have to start doing that because my team is at 2678 at its highest power, so im often at disadvantage during raids and at the end of stages.

Someone mentioned uploading my roster and asking for help, how do you do that?

You can take screenshots of your heroes in the game and post them. Or use heroplan.io


Currently leveling Brienne, Treevil, Dawa, Colen and Gato

Treevil is a great hero and definitely one to level. I’d Limit break and emblem Treevil without hesitation. Prisca and Dawa are pretty trash honestly. Belith is good as one healer and I’d look for Hawkmoon as the other unless you get lucky on another healer from an event. I don’t remember what guarian lemur does but he’s a more recent hero and probably worth leveling. No real reason to keep 2 greymanes.

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:joy: The sheer absurdity of this 1% number. It would mean he had to clear the entire board 3 times to get one on color tile. Without dying. In every single battle. Except the 10% one we’ll just ignore because reasons.

Oh, that’s why my phone exploded, my identity is suddenly mentioned in a dozen criminal cases, and all my credit cards are maxed out even though I haven’t made any purchase. Serves me well.

I’ll get my revenge @TohOutar ! I’m a super hero with ties to Santa Claus!

October update for thoae who care haha:

Now lvl 33 and my pulling strategy has been to pile up gems(9300 currently) and pull on events(dunes, underwild, etc.) as i get them. Havent decided which seasonal event to use those gems on yet.

Ive got a decent stable of 4*, enough to get my TP to 4k and advance through the game story. Also able to routinely fill chests at platinum level.

Finally got my first and only 5*(azlar), the first pull from my TC20.

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