F2P Season Summon Question

As someone who spends almost no money on this game, I just got an Epic Hero token and wondering if I should summon from the current Seasonal Summon or hold onto it for something better?

Most people think Christmas heroes are the best batch, but I tend to use the ones I have the next season.


Good luck with whatever season you summon from :crossed_fingers:


Imo, Christmas and Easter are the best seasonal pulls. 1) Christmas 2) Easter


Christmas seems so far away haha

Christmas is my best opinion man … Better save … Cheers

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Exactly why I just use them any time there is a seasonal summon. A lot of this game I am very strategic, but with summons I tend to lean towards what seems fun. I also don’t save up for 10 pulls because that is not 10x the enjoyment!

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Everything is far away lol.


I’d use it now. The chances of a 5* hero are so low, that you’ll want to aim for the portal with the best 3* and 4* heroes. That way, you can build your roster to get more EHTs through tournaments and other events.

Spring with Chick Jr, Lady Wool and Jack O’Hare is probably the best, but it’s far away.

At least with Kalevala there are some usable 3* and 4*s and the heroes are new so have higher stats than the older heroes.


Everything depends on what do you have and what do you need,
Christmas have the best reviver and a good taunt hero and sniper (Mother North, Krampus and Mr Pengi)
Morlivia has Francine which is a good clenser and hit 3
Easter has many heroes that hit all if you are ok with the negative effects, like Master Lepus and Killhara
Kalevala are new but it seems heroes build more for tank position
I would not do Sand Empire, IMO the worst heroes yet
Am I missing another event, hmmm not sure but I hope this helps


So much of this is over my head as a lvl23 player. My next job is going to be trying to figure out the best team for my current roster. I have mostly 3* stars, with two 4* thrown in. Almost all are fully leveled, and I am working on leveling other 3*.

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It’s tough at first but it does get a lot easier. I’ve seen in many threads that @OldCynic has created some useful blogs, info & guides; hopefully he can help you.

You could always upload your roster here and there’s loads of old and new-timers who are always happy to help.


Adding my voice to those who advise to hold your EHTs for Halloween or Christmas. Both have heroes with very useful skills.

Halloween has cleanser+EDD (Francine) and ailment blocker (Vanda). Christmas has reviver (Mother North), taunt (Krampus), and two good to great heroes in Santa and Pengi.

As an f2p, you might want to factor in 3*, 4* and the hotm as well. Imo, Kalevala has the best 3* and Springvale the best 4* (though it might change if Buddy and Valeria get a costume).

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Then just save them for Christmas, you might have enough to get something good and then you save again for Easter

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The advice by @Liam_K is spot on. I also don’t spend money on this game, and I make all my summon decisions by first considering the 3* and 4* available in the portal - as they have much better odds

Only consider the unique heroes per portal. The others can be generated by training camps and eventually you will get them all even if you don’t spend

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I have c MN and c Santa. I want Pengi and Krampus but I know I won’t get them just like I did not get Killhare or Lepus or any other hero I really want so I spend EHT in any portal I see fit except summer portal because those heroes really suck big time

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If you have mostly 3* and a couple 4* heroes at this point I’d definitely say use it now. Odds of getting seasonal 3* and 4* heroes is a lot higher than the 5* heroes and the newer heroes, like the ones in this new seasonal event, are much higher power level than the old ones. They are stronger than the fully leveled costumed or costume bonus S1 heroes. They are going to be immediately useful for you and enable you to do more content as far as progressing in events and even just completing levels in S1/S2/S3/S4/S5 to even just unlock the later seasons.

I’d also say if you happen to pull a 5* hero or the HOTM. Just ignore it. Save it for later. 5* heroes take lots of resource to level. Lots of food and feeder troops. You won’t have the mats to full level them. You won’t be able to use emblems on them or limit break them (not that you are likely to have the LB materials). It feels a little odd ignoring your strongest hero but it really is the best option.

Right now you are much better off getting 2 or 3 rainbow 3* teams and then start working on a rainbow 4* team and I’d say Limit break and emblem as much as you can of at least one of those rainbow 3* teams. Ideally using as many newer 3* heroes and S1 heroes with costumes as you can. They will be stronger and more useful long term. One healer per team is also a good idea along with some variety in classes and specials where you can get it. It’s so much cheaper and easier to level the 3* heroes and Limit broken and fully emblemed makes them as power or more powerful than a 4* stuck at 60 which can help you get the mats to be able to take those 4* to 70. Then the same goes for those 4* heroes. They are cheaper and easier to level than a 5* hero and fully emblemed and limit broken they can be stronger than a level 80 S1 5* hero with no emblems.

Emblem wise it’s something like 200 emblems for a 3* 500 emblems for a 4* and 1250 for a 5* and the same type of trend holds for limit break materials too. Not to mention it’s harder to get the 5* LB materials anyway. Now you don’t want to blow all your emblems or LB material doing every 3* you have but doing at least one team of 3*s right now make perfect sense.

Edit- don’t be afraid to look around on the forums to see what 3* and 4* heroes are the best and even ask for recommendations on who to level. It’s not really that big a deal who you chose to level because long term the resources and mats for 3* and 4* heroes are not a big deal and you’ll eventually be able to level as many of them as you want. LB materials are newer so are rarer and even emblems are still limited enough you won’t be able to do every 3* and 4* hero but just leveling them all to 50/70 is easy enough to do.


That’s absolute rubbish and you know it


It kind of means that you can summon heroes with them though. If you don’t summon, your chances of pulling 5* heroes are indeed fairly small. The game won’t “decide” to send them directly to your inbox.

Nevermind. Not sure why I was even trying to explain anything to you.



I would start leveling mana troops for defense. Maybe magic?