F2P Raid Experiment

This is good to hear. I’m saving all my EHTs for Sand Empire. I am really targeting Gafar, as I think he’d be just what the doctor ordered for me to counter Vivica on the recently passed Trials of Fortitude, but it’s good to know that Jabbar wouldn’t be a total waste, either, especially considering his awesome artwork.

I love DoT. My defense team currently features Vela and Azlar together, and I’d love to get a third type of DoT by nabbing Yunan (who I strongly prefer) or Rana from Sand Empire as well. I wonder if this will still be effective as more people grab costumes for Sonya and Caedmon (assuming it remains as-is). Easily obtainable fast cleaners could ruin that approach.


1 Curious what the outcome of this experiment was
2 Curious where @IvyTheTerrible went. I loved the Raid stats.

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I miss @IvyTheTerrible’s very insightful and well thought out posts.

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Thank you for this useful information.

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