F2P Raid Experiment

I decided to draft a F2P-ish roster for myself (which, in itself, was actually really fun and exciting), and I’m now going to raid with only those heroes for…probably about a month. I will still use everyone I have for titans, wars, and tournaments.

To do this I organized all my heroes based on which gate I obtained them from, kept anyone from a training camp (the four stars, Isarnia, Kadilen, Joon, and Quintus), then tried to narrow the rest down in proportion (i.e., if my roster was 20% Atlantis heroes before I tried to keep that - not quite accurate since you can get a non-Atlantis hero from the Atlantis gate). I then threw back the five best heroes (and it was truly painful to un-summon Gravemaker) for fun / the challenge. Here’s what I was left with (I’ll skip listing duplicates and all TC20 four star heroes for readability).

Does it look like an average F2P roster given 1.5 years of play? If not, I will adjust it.

Fire Heroes

Santa Claus

Ice Heroes


Nature Heroes


Holy Heroes

Lady Woolerton

Dark Heroes



Looking this over, if this had been how my roster developed I would have maxed Richard, Kadilen, and probably Thoth-Amun, and they all would likely have emblems. As is, TA is at 1.1 and the other two are at 3.70. That may render all of them useless. Similarly, Valeria, Triton, and Hansel would all possibly have emblems, but as is do not and I’m not sure I’ll be able to use them either. And I’m not going to reshuffle emblems for this experiment due to the food/iron costs.


Partly to compensate for that, and because of the impossibility of undoing a costume stats bonus, I decided to be generous in this area and allow them all. This feels fine to me, as I don’t have any five star costumes, meaning we’re talking about Boldtusk, Melendor, Rigard, Sonya, and possibly Tiburtus here.


My biggest takeaway is that blue tanks are going to be much much harder for me. I drafted both Mother North and Evelyn but threw them both back. And I didn’t pull Buddy. Maybe there’s a role for Hansel there.

Both Kunchen and Guinevere are going to be substantially harder, as Victor was another drafted hero I threw back (if anyone at home is counting, the fifth was Ariel - I realized that not enough would change unless I let these cornerstone heroes go).

I’ve literally never beaten Telluria anyway, so nothing should change there.


Looks a lot nicer than what I’ve gotten on my main as a CTP…

However, still within norms. My first FTP alt is already on path to eventually pass my main. And my girlfriend has spent a helluva lot less than I have, but has many more 5*s (including rare seasonals, Alantis, and HotM) than I do… :confused:

Which begs two questions:

1 - am I really that unlucky? That even my own FTP alts get better stuff without ever having spent a dime?

2 - why oh why did I spend any money at all in the first place?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Jokes aside though… my main has now officially beaten not one, but two maxed Tellurias in revenge raids.

Not saying I could do it again on command or anything, just that it is possible for even a lowbie like me with a relatively cringeworthy roster to still occasionally beat teams that are way way way out of my league. And that’s good enough for me. :grin:


Cool experiment. Thanks for doing that - what are your objectives, by the way?

if you compare to my own roster (FTP except for one 300-gem deal and one Rudolph deal, about 18 months of play), that’s possible. I can’t say whether it’s average, but it’s POSSIBLE.

Family pic of the roster here minus a few dupes and trips, if you want to compare.

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I’d personally add more 5* TC20 heroes and probably would remove 1-2 of the non-S1 5* heroes.
It is highly unlikely that someone who is running TC20 would have only 5 TC20 heroes in comparison to 6 event heroes/HotM.

It is certainly on the very lucky side both with 5* and with 4* (it is implied that the person would have all the mana control heroes - Proteus, Merlin, Hansel + the key heroes Wilbur and Falcon), but is still possible. It would be really difficult to conduct the experiment without all these heroes, though, so I’m not sure that you should remove some of them.

It would be an interesting experiment, I’m looking forward to the results :+1:


Possible? Yes. But most of us lower spending folk are lucky if we have one or two of them. Extremely rare to have all of them.

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I’ve been playing for 2 years and 10 months and I stil don’t have Hansel. And I got Falcon this January.

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yeah, been playing for 18months, and the only EVENT 4* or 5* I have pulled is Lancelot.

but again, I can only really comment based on my OWN roster. I do think I have above-average luck for an FTP player, though.


For comparison,

2+ years as VC2P (first 10 months F2P, then i bought Rudolph’s Gift - few other deals since then)

I have 36 5*, 33 are S1. 14 are maxed.
The 3 non-TC20 are Aeron, Gregorion, Ariel. I am missing two S1 5*, Leonidas and Magni.

I seem to be exceptionally unlucky in summons portals but better than average in TC20. I have quite a few event/seasonal 3* but zero 4*. I have three Atlantis 4*, and ALL the S1 4*.

I raid primarily with my S1 5* and Ariel and certain 4* like BT, Grimm, Costumed Melendor.


$0 spent here. I got my first ever HotM 1 year and 9 months after I started playing. I also had to wait for 2 years and 6 months for my first ever 5* seasonal event hero. No 5* challenge event heroes yet.

If I draw on my personal experience, I didn’t have a single non-S1 5* at the 1,5 years mark.

I was very unlucky with 5*, but I consider myself quite lucky with 4*.

The roster in the OP’s post is certainly not average but I said it’s possible since that could be the roster of an EXTREMELY lucky person who got the best heroes with challenge event coins, ehts, etc. There are more ways to pull heroes for free now than there were in the past (the chances for 5* now are lower, though).

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Love the idea and I look forward to seeing the results.

Given how diligent you are with stat tracking, I’d like to see you add back your “restricted” heroes from time to time, but only one or two at a time. Essentially I’m trying to simulate for extra luck from time to time. So in normal times you win ~93% of raids (from what I remember). In this f2p, let’s say you only win 80%. Would adding back one of the better heroes bring that up to 90% or only 82%?

How are you handling your defense team? Would you leave it as your normal defense or adjust it to your “new” roster? If you have a weaker defense, will you naturally be at a lower cup level and find easier opponents?

Random idea for your next experiment would be to purposely play worse. Purposely make sub optimal plays. You could answer if it’s better to have the best heroes and be dumb or be f2p and be smart.

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This is cool. Advice coming from 2 pure ftp accounts over 2+ years, the average non tc20 5* is 1 every 6 months from figures I saw long ago on forums and that hold true for my main account and alt is slightly better at 1 every 5 months (most will be hotm as well since they are better odds).

Also drop proteus for gobbler (ftp luck), thats my rule for you lol, my 2 accounts have no proteus, see how you go using little john as mana control :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, not even close to a C2P roster, much less an F2P.


Santa Claus

You may replace them with an S1 heroes of your choice.

Max emblems on 4* = 18
Max emblems on 5* = 7

I’d STILL consider your roster generous for the terms you laid out. If you really want the F2P experience, also delete Owl, Hansel, and Mist.


Bit harsh…

Comparing to other F2P rosters:

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Agreed. I thought both Anzogh and Santa made for improbable luck in the reds and that judgement tainted my assessment of the whole layout.

It’s not harsh at all. Too many event and hotm specials in there for the few free pulls he’d have earned.

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