F2P Peeves

As stated elsewhere, I don’t have a problem with paying customers having a different experience. They should, IMHO.

What I don’t care for is things that seem to make it harder or frustrating to be F2P than it already is.

  1. Mystic Visions “No Ad Available” messages. Since this is on a timer, the longer I wait for an ad, the farther behind I fall in the game. If nobody paid to have an ad at that precise moment, why not advertise other products your company owns?

  2. The Goblin Baloon. By definition, I’m not paying to get the booty sequestered within. And yet, even though it’s full and I’m not emptying it, stuff from my loot keeps getting sent there.

  3. contests that F2P players will find MUCH harder than paying customers. All I’m asking for is a warning, so I don’t wind up blowing 90+ WE on a single level without success because I have no heroes with powers that give you a decent chance of progressing. I could have used that WE adventuring for materials to help my alliance.:person_shrugging:t5:

  4. treasure drops from the special critters that are anything but coins for their season. Everything else they drop I can get elsewhere and elsewhen in the game, but Atlantis & other coins are single-source.

  5. Getting a gold summoning coin and getting a S1 hero or troop. At least award one of the equivalent heroes/troops from the current event.


I completely agree with this. This raised a bit of a stink when they announced it for Valhalla Forever, that the goblins could drop things other than coins. the answer was basically: dropping coins could ruin the “game economy”. sigh.

Oh, I always assumed that stuff in the Goblin Balloon is extra, and not part of normal loot. Would certainly be annoying if some normal loot got sent there; but if I look at the things that appear there (like emblems, Gold/EHT tokens) I always assumed it was on top of the normal stuff

I’m not sure this is a game issue per se. I had this issue and it was due to my WiFi. this master Bugs & Issues thread might help you :slight_smile:

I would love this, though realistically having each Gold coin give a hero from the current event… I don’t expect it. but this player suggestion thread might be interesting to you :slight_smile: it’s to have one guaranteed 5* per season (S3, S4, S5) upon completing the season.


I always recycle mine, sometimes its not terrible loot.


I spend and recycle every single balloon. Not one has been worth it to me.

So it’s just a very slow monster loot chest to me


I have to admit …. In the beginning I only purchased the balloon if the first drop was large numbers of emblems…

But all that has dried up …. As of late I am recycling every balloon…

And I have also stopped purchasing the POV


I have found if I close the game and come back in, it works.

Yes, as others have stated, I finally saw there is a Recycle button when it is full, choose your loot, click the recycle button. You don’t get the loot you chose but sometimes the consolation prizes are decent.

I just play to the level I can win, then go on doing other things. I look at the level rating and compare it to my level. I can beat levels higher than my rating but if my heros are at 2000 and the level is rated at 4000, I’m not wasting the WE on it.


I always Recycle Balloon, F2P is getting alot harder…But i can’t see spending all that money and at level 89 now i dont see me starting to now…

Well, I’m extra glad I posted this thread, because now I know I can get something from it for free. I thought you had to pay to get anything, and the recycle button just emptied it. Thanks!

On the gold summoning tokens: I was a little vague. I really don’t want more S1 stuff from rare rewards. I’d be happier with hero/troop summons from the current events ONLY, even if it meant those summoning coins were rarer.


I do this as well.

What inspired this particular gripe:

I was fielding teams rated several hundred points higher than suggested for level 8 of the latest Covenant Quest, and losing in 3-4 turns. I completed the prior CQ, so I was thinking I could & should beat that one, too. It wasn’t until after I noticed other players’ complaints here about it that I did the math and realized how much WE I had burned trying to complete the event.

And now they’re saying the opponents’ mana buildup had been accelerated.

they are also saying they’ve fixed it, so hopefully next one won’t be so frustrating

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I to run into the " AD not available " or is mysteriously not working properly quite often…it’s does get annoying even when it does work i end up with 1 or 2 items just for watching a video that either gets stuck/freezes or plainly so long of a video that you have to actually watch the whole video in order to get reward…
The balloon is okay but sometimes gets annoying when you are trying to click the ducks and accidentally hit the balloon by mistake and miss your ducks and have to wait for the next round of ducks.
I’ve been playing for a good length of time atleast 5yrs+…(since 2016 I think) and yet have a issue with deleting this game. When you find a good quality of people in your alliance that you know wil have your back if something comes up to where you can’t be online 24/7. Being a leader of my alliance i have became friends with a lot of people that i probably wouldn’t have if i didn’t play this game.
Yes this game has it’s issues in its own but like other games can get expensive if you dont watch what you are doing…lol…

If you mean the Epic yHero Token in short EHT, you can use them to get seasonal Heroes during seasonal events, not only S1. The Valentine event just ended, next is Springvale.
The probability to get non S1 5* heroes is bigger in seasonal portals ( except the lunar new year) than in S2-S5 portals.

Happy gaming

Tangent off of “Mystic Visions” issues: too many times, I get the “Not Available” message for the video freebie for the basic hero summons. Not only that, I’ve been getting more errors with it as well- twice in the past 10 minutes, I watched the video, but no hero was summoned.

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