F2P Leaderboard


I love this game and have been playing for around 5 months now. I’m F2P and this game really suits the way I like to play games. As much as saying this will blow some of your minds, I love the massive grind of endless 1* and 2* heroes and the ridiculously low chances of getting high level heroes/ascension items. Without that challenge I would get bored. Difficulty keeps me interested and the feeling of excitement and achievement are incredible when something of low chance comes off. I pulled my first ever 5* hero last month and got Gregorian after a long grind to save 300 gems. Yes it was ridiculously lucky but wow did it feel good. There is no doubt that there is a massive difference in the playing style, tactics, and success with F2P and P2P. I think it’s a really cool feature on the leaderboards that you can see where you stand locally as well as globally and often I wonder where I would stand among other F2P players. An option for a F2P leaderboard and P2P leaderboard would be super cool. I don’t even know if would be possible, but once any kind of purchase had been made, you could no longer be on the F2P leaderboard. I, myself, have nearly succumbed to spending some as I’ve enjoyed the game so much but I’ve stuck to my guns and glad I did. I do realise that from the devs point of view, this would reward F2P behaviour (not ideal for a business) but I definitely think that most of the time, your mind is made up before you play a game whether or not you will spend .