👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 F2P Guide: Invite friends: How much time does it take to get to level 10 as f2p and best way to reach it the fastest? Also, how to be efficient about claiming the rewards, if no vip



New feature is up “Invite friends”.
So I wanna invite 3 friends (family, dogs, cats and allien friends :smile: ) and help them to reach level 10 (1200 gems in a month after claimed rewards).

How much time does it take to get to level 10 as f2p and best way to reach it the fastest?

Also, is it limited to 3 friends? (beta question)

Also, how to be efficient about the rewards > link added - click me

Any input is much appreciated and maybe it can become a “Player guide” topic.
Thanx a bunch :kissing_heart: :love_you_gesture:

I don’t like friend invites

bump it up! :slight_smile:


depends if your friends care about the account after they reach lvl 10, i reckon you could do it in a couple of days if they were to spend all their gems on energy refills


I got 10 level in 2 weeks without much playing


The question is, where can I find people who are willing to download the app and play the game to level 10? I invited already anybody at the beginning of my E&P carrer…

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its their choice, but i have a wild guess they wont care :smile:


good point, we recharge 100 gems :wink:


maybe your multiple personality works? :thinking: just kidding :smile:


Exp missions
@MrMeeseeks I ask my friend “can you help me get some gems” and he said yes :stuck_out_tongue:


My memory is foggy, but I believe it only takes about three days. Just don’t let any WE go unspent.


Come play Empires & Puzzles with me! Use this link and get a head start with a free 10-Day VIP Pass: redacted

Just in case you want to start a second account :joy::+1:

This is how it looks like to send an invitation :yum:


How do you get to 1200 gems? Its 100 per friend right?

Edit: didnt take the VIP into account, my bad!


a friend already(couple of hours) got to lvl 5 (already has vip10) - was lucky and pulled hawkmoon with silver token :smile:


too bad it is limited to 3 invites (i think); you would have been a ‘billionare’ in :gem:


So for science I did it with my gf‘s phone:

If you do everything correctly it takes roughly 1 day to get to level 10.

Priorities: Try to do all the easy missions that reward gems. Your goal is to farm 400 gems in 1 day. With these 400 gems you can buy 4 energy refills. Level up your heroes so you can conveniently farm 6-7. it has good XP and is fast and easy killed. I always did all raids because it is your main source for ham and to level up your heroes you desperately need the ham!

It‘s a lot of work for 400 gems. I will not do this a second or third time :poop:


thanks for testing good to know it can be done so faat if needed


if you are a f2p and dont have vip there are some tricks that wouldnt require you to do this again; claim your first invite; dont claim next if it is available. why? here goes:

  • if you let the vip expire you get +30 gems > 30x11 (1 at activating +9 + 1 at expiration)
  • calculate to use your both builders in the last period (hour) before expiration of the vip, best on a long term building (I have watchtower at 15 - so 2.4days with ham and also will target something that needs iron barracks most likely - lvl 8, 2 more levels needed - perfect)
  • wait second builder to finish and second claim (activate vip10)
  • repeat for third claimed reward/vip

meaning you can get total of 1290 gems (and emblems, tickets) and if smart 35 days of second builder :wink: in 30-45 days upon first claimed reward; and lets not forget the golden VIPdragon avatar :smile:


@Boolz if you want the 30 days VIP you have to level up either 3 accounts to lv10 or have 3 friends that do :grin:
You‘re just trying to optimize the gains.

Edit: by 400 gems I was saying 10day Vip is 300gems and the 100 extra.


Thats no issue. I have friends.
Interesting fact I found out; if my friend already has a used (played e&p) google account, he can make another one (up to 4) using the same phone number. Lol