F2P discrimination - master emblems edition

Today Master Emblems went live, however the distribution of free emblems went via offer.

Some of us decided to ask support to block in-game purchases, because we have spent too much money already, or we feel overwhelmed by sheer number of offers that has to be closed each time we log in.

Regardless, I feel like SG deliberately distributed free Master Emblems via offer, not e-mail like alfa aethers, to single out players who want to enjoy the game as is and not to continue to pay.

Please reconsider you approach, and maybe treat all of our dedicated players equally.


Just give an equivalent number of golden emblems via the inbox… then it’s OK.


Have any of you contacted support about this to see if they are willing to send 5 golden emblems to the inboxes of those from countries like Belgium and those who suspended purchases for 90 days?

Ok I have sent a message in support, will let you know what they say.
I asked if they could send those of us who can’t see offers, 5 golden emblems.

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I have 6 days left on my 90 days suspension. Asked them to lift it just so I could get the free master emblems.
They refused.

Understandable. The whole point of self-suspension is so you can’t be tempted. If you can simple go and ask for it to be removed, it is quite pointless in having in the first place. It’s like on gambling sites, you can self-exclude for X days, X months, X years or permanently… and it wont be lifted until that expiration date

They are yet to respond to me so far but I’m sure they will tomorrow with an answer none of us will like - no free golden emblems

Support responded saying no freebies for those who self excluded. Am i allowed to post the screenshot from the support chat?

Probably not, it’s against the rules

Also for those that are excluded by regional laws and regulations (like e.g. Belgium).

Conclusion: if you can’t buy, you are not entitled to free gifts.

I got a response from “Support” on my request to compensate me via the inbox with e.g. golden tokens.
Blurred out all references to names ad support engineer. Hope it is Ok like this.

Nope mod edit

If picture is removed, short summary of the response:

‘I hope you understand that we cannot gift Heroes or items as that wouldn’t be fair to other players.’

Not sure what they consider then as fair to exclude us from the free gift they gave to all the rest…
Didn’t get an answer yet on that question.

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This is very annoying, but i expected it unfortunately. I doubt they will give out another 50 free + 500 emblems next month or ever again.

Was this topic …

Have a brouse

So… Guess I’ve been complaining a bit too much about this to support…

I know I will get a lot of comments over me concerning ‘conspiracy bsht’ and seeing ghosts or RNG, but since my communication on the discrimination for the free master emblems, I seem to be getting impossible opponents (even in 2500-2600 cup range) and absolutely no boards. In last war, I scored a measly 146 points (normally more in 250-350 range) because of bad boards. Hell, even in the league I am getting only 6.8k+ teams with no chance of winning due to the start boards.

Anyone else experiences these negative effects after contacting support too many times?

Edit: It seems I can get all my enemies to below 20% hp and tank to even below 100hp, and then boards turn against me completely until the healer is fully loaded.

Edit 2: My ‘% chance to dodge or revive’ could as well be 0, while defense’s dodge and revive is near to 100%. Just had a battle where Relius literally brought back all enemies every single time.

They are pieces of :poop: and by that we can say that we all hope to see them burn… edit

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This is the message that i left them in BETA and with that i can say that they all are pieces of :poop: and i love playing MU with the cow straight from the ORIGINS of 3 litters of milk.

"In my opinion and many others what you did with the implementation of master emblems and how you sent the gifts literally makes you all pieces of :poop:

So may you eat and be :poop: all day because you don’t respect your player base and discriminate against f2p players, that just makes you a big time racist discrimanatory staff and team who belittles everyone who doesn’t spend or is not spending enough on your piece of :poop: game.

So in my opinion fk you all staff members together with you families and friends eho support you in this :poop:

P.s. fk stands for forsaken, for those who have ideas (people with ideas are also called i.d.i.o.t.s. which is also an accronim as you can see).

Everybody hates racist pigs, and your team is full of such specimens, quite sure your families also…"

Edit for sensitive people

No, no. We keep it civil here. No need for that level of communication.

It’s SG’s problem that they do not respect their players and customers. We must be bigger and better than that.

Come on it is as civil at it can be :rofl: … No curses were given… Just ones opinion… if it hurts it should… But they don’t care

Sensitive people out there go jump from a high place

I mean we can not give them an argument that we can not be reasoned with because all we do is yell and attack. We have to use logical arguments otherwise they’ll have the upper hand. :slight_smile:

Are we upset? Yes.
Are we outraged? Yes.
Are we being punished for not buying their offers? Yes. By a long shot.
Are we wrong? No.



Can we get an official statement from SGG on this topic? I know it’s not up to you to explain, but as spokesperson on the forum, we do expect some feedback.

How can they consider it fair to us, to not provide us with the same advantages as for the players that can/will spend half a fortune on this game?

We are not bringing in enough money because we cannot / will not / don’t want to spend our life time savings chasing an impossible to get hero, I understand.
But we do watch the mystic visions every two hours so that SGG does get their income from these commercials. Aren’t we eligible for some additional freebies then?

Why punish us and put us behind in the game progress just because we are not spending (by choice or imposed)?

This is exactly the definition of DISCRIMINATION:
The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of ethnicity, age, gender, or disability.


So you suspended your ability to enter the store and the in store shoppers are offered free samples for a product to eventually purchase or loot gain from competition. You are asking for the free sample even though you do not enter the store with a 90 day ban? Sorry everyone gets there agreement. I personally like to browse the store and not buy everything. Shopping for a deal is normal behaviour. Self control and free will will always trump filters. Just my 2 saved cents