F2P - C2P - P2W meanings?

Good afternoon friends, could someone explain me meanings below please =)
F2P / C2P / P2W

F2P = Free to play (no real money invested)
C2P = Cheap to play (little money invested, not game changing)
P2W = Pay to win (big spender)


Check the Jargon Pulveriser for any other unknown terms



Very good I was needing tks =)

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For future reference, is referring to someone as P2W considered pejorative? I think I’d take offense to this term if I were a heavy spender. (I’m not, btw; F2P all the way!) P2P or “whale” seem less so; the fact is, these players pay more than the average player to gain potential advantages. But P2W seems to attribute any and all success that they have to spending and none to skill. Just wondering.

I thought “whale” is a bit more pejorative than P2W. But I am not a P2W, I am also F2P, so you had better listen to the opinion of P2W regarding those terms.

This is accurate on all counts.

Give me the levelled up heroes that some pay players have, and I’ll show you how my lack of skill allows me to dominate the game just as well as they do.

They’ve paid to win.

A lot harder to beat guin tanks with 4* heroes than with a bench full of 5*. Not a lot of skill involved when you can make a 3-2 of any colour combination you want, because you’ve got 50+ ascended top heroes. Heck, even your mono teams aren’t ONLY limited to the five heroes you happen to have in that colour, you have every colour, with many more than five per colour - you can even pick and choose good skill combinations for your mono 5* team.

Is this skill? Nope. It’s bought and paid for.

Skill? Wrong game, go play a street fighter or something. I always laugh when someone brag about their skills for a random tiles match 3 game

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In my opinion, it is a relax match-3 games, with a bunch of extra gameplay and strategy (in a relax-mode).

As far as I know, the term is not usually meant to be pejorative but simply refers to the fact that someone spends substantial amounts of money. P2W is in contrast to F2P (spend nothing at all, things like Valentine’s Day’s offer might be an exception to 5his) and C2P (those who occasionally buy good offers, but don’t chase certain heroes etc).

So far I’ve used this threefold distinction because these terms are very commonly used in the forum. I’ve never meant to offend any of these groups. There are very skilled (and also terrible) players in all three groups.

I also considered ‘whale’ more pejorative, but that’s maybe due to the fact that in poker the big highstakes losers are often referred to as whales.


Lolz. The salt is real. The bitterness palpable. Skill would be beating that Guin tank with 2 and 3 star heroes. Not everyone has the luxury of time to invest in building up 4*s - some people work all day and have families to care for.

Down with lazy F2P 4* slobs! All hail the F2PNT’s (No Time) and their 3* warriors!

(This is a joke)

OK. I guess I just expected the parallelism of P2P instead of P2W. As we know from numerous complaint threads here, paying a lot is no guarantee of getting what you want or “winning” (inasmuch as it can be said that anyone “wins” E&P). If the big spenders are happy with it, I’m happy with it.

I was totally unfamiliar with this usage. Thanks.

But this is not a simple match 3 game, this is a puzzle game.


If you are playing EP like a random tiles match 3 game, you are missing out on a lot! There’s a lot of the strategy in:

  1. Picking the right team for your opponent’s heros (e.g. stacking strong colours against your opponent’s centre hero in 4-1/3-2/3-1-1/2-2-1 formations; fast vs mid vs slow hero combinations; synergy within your line up’s special abilities; and countering the opponent’s heros’ special abilities etc)

  2. Making the right moves during the matching. For example, not making good use of the 2x mana gain with “ghosting” (when an tile doesn’t hit any enemy) is a severe handicap in raid and war. Use ghosting well, and your team could beat a tougher opponent even if you have a TP disadvantage of ~400-600. Choosing which enemy hero to hit with tiles is also a strategic decision: you wouldn’t want to charge up Gravedigger if you could help it, for example. You would also want to avoid activating a diamond if an enemy Cyprian’s counter attack was active.

TLDR: There’s a lot of strategic decisions you could make in EP; insisting that there isn’t any just reveals your ignorance, sorry!


Let me correct you. .

F2P is for free to play game(s) which you dont need to buy before you can play.
P2P is for pay to play game(s) and you need to buy it first before you can play.

F2W = Farm to Win, you acquire items by farming or looting
P2W = Pay to Win, you acquire items by paying cash in game

It seems you are new here in the forum.

This forum has its own terminology:

And this is one year old thread, no need to post here again.

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