I started playing E&P on 10th September 2017.
I never missed one day and very fast I began to invest almost all my free time into it.
I think it is normal to invest money into something that becomes your hobby, that keeps you entertained for more than two years and into something you almost cannot imagine your life without :-).
I picked this game, and this game only and decided to spend regularly. I have never invested any money into any other game.
Having one spending account and four f2p, I can feel the differences and frankly f2p approach is more exciting and will keep your interest in this game for a much longer time.
Still I am willing to pay because I want certain heroes and stuff. But I pick the offers carefully and I plan ahead of time.
I don’t get why anyone likes one approach and criticize the other but that is how it is.
It won’t change the fact that I like this game and want to play for many more years.


Well I can tell you with 100% accuracy that when Destiny came out it was certainly not free. Which pisses me off because I bought everything that is now offered for free when they release D2…I have since stopped playing and moved on to Borderlands 3, probably the only game without micro transactions. No pay to win. You buy the game, maybe the DLC’s and that’s it.


Im F2P with 9 months experience. I think it doesn’t matter how you chose to play as long as you enjoy it. There are too many luck factor in this game, so you might not be able to fulfil all of your wish list even is you pay a lot of money. I’m not against spending, because actually you can cheat your way by spending well, i.e by purchasing rare ascension item. If your goal is to collect every HoTM every month, it could be depressing enough due to the odds, unless your budget is unlimited.

So as long as you enjoying the game, i’d say just deal with it and take it as it is. enjoy your progress, and don’t let your target distract you from the fun part. you will eventually reach it anyway. the difference is just the timing :slight_smile:


So far, so good…

Wow!!! Being compared to a murderer or ■■■ offender… that felt good…

Yes!!! That’s right!!! Only “earn” is not synonymous with “buy” or “gamble”…

You “rent” some E&P gems, they come with a 1% chance or lower to have “lights, heat , water, and internet”

How exactly did you come up with the 3400 part? I’m 4200, 100% f2p for 15 month and tomorrow or even latter today I might decide to stop playing for free and sink some thousand $ in SG’s pocket, just because I feel like it. What’s there to stop me?

You know, being f2p is not about not being able to pay, for most people. At least for me it isn’t… not even close… It’s not even SGG related… It’s more about the anger against those few smart ones who decide to use legal cover to prey on the many less witted ones, in every aspect of the real life… I understand SGG is a profit oriented company, but taking advantage of an addiction is never morally right… I think we all agree that, by common game player base standards, E&P has insanely high prices. Cut the prices on the gems in half, hell, make them 10% of what they are now so all players could afford them without selling a kidney or half their liver and watch the scales turn. You’ll have less and less f2p and more and more p2w in no time.Than we could talk about skill and passion…


Hmmm so by your logic every casino in America should close their doors then, as well as every bar, and let’s not forget cigarettes. All these things are horribly habit forming some wreck homes and people lives others lead to death, but all those things are legal in almost every state in the U.S. but you guys want people to feel like you are kneeling like kap did for the greater good. Gotcha.

The numbers I speak of are based on the fact that at 3400 you can step into diamond ranking in your raids, which means you start running into p2w players with some pretty tough teams however your allaince wars wont fully change until u all get up there and as soo. As a 3400 alliance runs into an allaince with all 4200 players…we know how that turn out. As I said at the point you have a choice, to remain FTP, go C2P or P2W you chose to go FTP not really sure what point you were trying to make but ok.

You people act like you dont live with this stuff daily. Since you standing against stuff how about standing against middle class not being able to afford healthcare while people on welfare get it free. People with three kids no job get free housing but the guy working 60 hours a week is almost homeless. 5 kids refrigerator full of food, no kids only a carrot. We can keep going, keep fighting this gaming existence that only exists in this age as there was no such thing as FTP when we were growing up, so this would not even be a conversation at all until recently. Glad you got where you are and glad you happy but complaining about how a company makes its money to give people like you a voice at all just doesnt make sense to me. Keep up the good work out there hope they do listen because I have seen many players say no matter what they do with prices they will never spend a dime on a game.

Stop with the Robin hood approach it sounds good but it’s totally unbecoming. This is the world we have that was created by the “me too” generation. Those of us with some years under our belts have been shaking our heads for the last 10 years especially in America.

Wow, straight forward and to the point. Agree with everything you just said.

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That doesn’t make it right.

Yes, so? You won’t always be 3400 and neither the p2w were not 4000+ from day one. No need to pay money to kill top teams, just need a decent board to do it. Everybody knows this.

Oh, but there was, wasn’t there?! There was a time, not that long ago, when file sharing systems made it possible to play any game for free…

Yes, I got were I am without spending a nickle, but that doesn’t mean I did not have to work my ■■■ off to get here. I’ve played just as hard as any p2w top alliance player, I’ve set alarms after midnight and found excuses to leave meetings to take war hits, I’ve hit titans during the new eve party and contributed as much as I could to this gaming community’s forum, so I don’t enjoy you telling people that being f2p is wrong… it’s not!
You may choose to drink, smoke and gamble because it’s legal, but I doubt that’s the smart thing to do… also, you may choose to pay money to SG and make the company owners richer, by all means, be my guest, it’s your money, just don’t act as it’s the smart thing to do…

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Where did I say FTP was the wrong thing to do? Never have, i said at a certain point a person has to make a choice and deal with the choice they have made. But complaining about what other people do with their money is not your concern, and it doesnt matter how many heroes you have if you cant learn to read a board or defense, pay, free, or otherwise.

No idea why you FTP always wanna get upset like someone is downing you guys, but you act like everyone that spends is doing it to poke at you guys. I have 3 kids and run a business, I would be a fking idiot to be setting alarms for a video game every night.

Try this, most spenders spend because they dont have the time to sit and play for hours, they have Bill’s, and jobs, and appointments, repairs to make, children to get to.and from school, doctors appointments to go to, groceries to buy, a divorce immanent from a wife who hates games if we dont get off our fking phone, ya know the ■■■■ you gotta do to survive, and if they like a game they wanna enjoy it so they spend to make up for that extra time they dont have.

Stop acting like all spenders are the antichrist cause trust me we dont think all FTP are living at home with their grandmother’s. All of the venom in the post are from you guys numerous paying players have spoke up for all of you FTP, however I cant find one where any if you have one thing nice to say about the people supporting your habit.

You complain about the predatory nature of the game but don’t see anything wrong with a peron setting alarms and spending countless hours staring at pixels instead if gettjng up and I dont know Going to work maybe? What is it you gained again doing all this? Hmmmm.

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I don’t think money can compensate for gameplay time… money can’t buy experience… neither player level exp, nor battlefield exp.

Au contraire, I don’t blame spenders, it’s their money, not mine, might as well burn them if they choose to. I just support f2p. E&P’s f2p career can be ample and satisfying, all aspects of this game are available to f2p players and there’s nothing but time and luck separating a f2p from a whale. Some whales chase the HOTM doing hundreds upon hundreds of pulls and still end-up not getting it, while some f2p get it from a single token pull… There is no need to pay money. Just play for fun. And think this. All things come to an end… There will come a time when you’ll quit playing or when the last E&P server will be shut down. At that moment f2p will only have the “sleepless E&P nights” to regret. P2W will have both the “sleepless nights” and the money…

Oh, by the way, got a link for you :wink:

See, being f2p can be fun!


I have nothing against a person being FTP for the thousandth time, help out plenty of them myself, but I have a problem catering to people who wanna take shots for other people. You literally just said that because you spent more time playing that makes u better than a Spender which is bs. He still has to play and level his heroes justblike you and sometimes is fighting wat tougher opponents earlier than you meaning he has a harsher learning curve. Some people could drop for time, j never cup drop as j need to be able to face the toughest opponents I can to help my alliance in wars, cup dropping would simply undermine that.

I dont spend in events yet make it into brackets to recieve items when i compete them so I must know a little something. i spend hours practicing all kinds of combos of heroes because that’s what the game is for.

You constantly bash people who spend yet if they say something back you are offended. I will continue to advocate for subscription only play for games that co tinue to grow and purchase and play for those that dont. No one deserves anything for free that others spent time and money to create, those guys degrees to make this game wasnt free believe that, proud to see people getting what they worked and paid hard for.

I’m a c2p allaince I hope to see you in a war so you can show me i cant play lol

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Huh?! Where? I said “I don’t think money can compensate for gameplay time… money can’t buy experience… neither player level exp, nor battlefield exp” and I stand by what I said. That has nothing to do with me being better than anyone.

No I don’t and no, I’m not…

Who said you can’t play? I certainly did not, because I have no idea who you are or what skills you got…


I see. You just like to slide in some remark in just about every post you make, that make yourself seem highly biased :rofl:

  • “Everyday I see post after post where these types of players are brought up and every single part of the game seems to center around all of these people having an equal experience, however in everyday life people are separated by these same things and for good reason.”

  • “I dont wanna be working next to a murderer or ■■■ offender just cause he needs a job like the rest of us”

  • “The constant catering to people who arent even willing to earn 5 dollar a month is ruining this game and many others.”

  • “From real life experience, I have the most trouble in every department in more than 20 locations with young adults with the same FTP mindstate about life as they have in these video games.”

  • “FTP -it is a choice that you made. You are saying I’m Not willing to Invest any money Into something I find entertaining that I know is not free, yet I’m gonna complain all day cause they let me in.”

  • “what is a fa t is the same kind of FYP players that have the complaints I see here are my worst employees by far,”

  • “Spenders and FTP players are in totally different spectrums of there lives in most cases and a guy listen ing to a guy who spent five dollars complain for an hour will be a lot faster to be angry with this person if he spent a grand and hasnt said a word.”

  • “Do I wanna listen to someone who lives in his grandmother’s basement and eats potato chips all day complain about what he doesnt have when I work 60 hours a week?”

  • “FTP dont like me.neither do a lot of whales buying… C2P players we vet along just fine and have many great and funny conversations”

  • “FTP doesnt wanna spend so finds cheap ways to win above their level and call it skill”

  • “others spend so as not to be grouped with people they dont want to be around, just like getting a house in a neighborhood where your car wont be missingnqhen I wake up in the morning”

Narcotic drugs also tend to have the same effect, yet THOSE are banned ?
By your logic, would you advocate to legalize Heroine ?

Is a family who got evicted from their house due to a husband/wifes gambling addiction any better off than the family getting evicted due to husband/wife’s drug addiction ?

You think that making money by exploiting people with a dependancy problem is OK, others thinks this is not so ok…
Question is, where or at what do you draw the line ?

  1. 3400 is an imaginary line. Everyone can reach 4000 TP from TC20 alone. And that 4000 TP players will probably survive well in the Diamond league.

  2. What does alliance wars even have to do with this ?

Have you considered that these problems may not apply to everyone else ?
Least I heard free healthcare and less working hours per week were actually a thing.

Does this mean you support the illegal drug industry and child labour ?
Since you don’t seem to support how a company makes it’s money I mean…

I hear the heroes you own, end up owning you…

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Just a reminder to please keep the conversation civil. Forum rules can be referenced here. I’d point out the following two specifically.

  1. Be civil and do not flame or insult other players. Nobody likes a troll. No matter how fired up the discussion, please be civil.
  2. Respect all players and staff. Bullying other forum members or disrespecting staff is not permitted.

Thanks for keeping an eye out L.K., no worries, we’re all civil here. Just debating a difference of opinion, no insults, no personal attacks, war axes are burried deep :wink:


I am a very cheap c2p I understand the odds and nothing owns me I have a lot of real life friends who play here with me and we have made some good one since join. The social aspect of knowing j will talk to some of my friends who are to busy to be able to see each other regularly can catch up together here.

I have friends in other states that this makes it easy to just say hello how r u doing and inlike the challenge of seeing what I can put together, with the roster I have, and hear the stories of teams others use being we all have different heroes.

No I dont support heroine use by any means but I also dont support that alcohol was legal for umpteenth million years while marijuana was not until recently. Everyone going to a casino knows the consequences and any addiction is bad for anyone be it caffeine, drugs, whatever that person doing they need help.

However i ran legitimate stakeing businesses when online poker was legal here in the states and made sure to set budget and spending limits on players in my camp so that everyone not just myself profited for there work, also went as far to help them make B.O.P.'s for themselves where investors paid for there time and effort thus thwarting there possible personal finanacial whoas.

I cant change what’s legal and what’s not but I can do my best to not let people fall into problematic tendencies. Just like my post on a spending budget i use myself in this game among other things I have posted to help non spenders and c2p as myself avoid the gambling nature and take it for what it is. Entertainment. My personal dislike of the FTP model is no different than his dislike of the gacha mechanic.

Thanks for all the input it’s always good to hear others point of view and to recieve Information to put those points of view into perspective.

I at no time was trying to offend anyone just state my beliefs as anyway else so if that is how it came off totally my apologies. Debating different points of view can lead to heated debate but that’s just it a debate and I’m all for agreeing to disagree. Appreciate your time and comments.


Thank you for the entertaining read. I admit I skipped a lot of the post once it started to go downhill somewhat, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I am grateful to you both!!

Free entertainment for all!


Debate is good - otherwise we will all just be screaming in echo chambers, something that seems forgotten these days.
In that spirit, thank your for the exchange :slight_smile:

Though sometimes one must wonder, just how much human potential is lost to an irrelevant screen…


Pagare un prezzo giusto ma qui non è così

Moderator translation

Pay a fair price but this is not the case here

Everyone are p2w.
Everyone work 30-90 seconds a day, SG earns some $ per ad and pay their players with a couple of gems and a potion.
Then some players feel that their 3h of yearly charity work for SG is not enough, so they spend a few extra 100 dollars per month.
Should someone complain about this arrangement, half the people here will inform any such non-conformists, that it is SG’s given right to exploit people with more money than common sense.

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Isn’t this just a copy paste of what someone said before?

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