Everyday I see post after post where these types of players are brought up and every single part of the game seems to center around all of these people having an equal experience, however in everyday life people are separated by these same things and for good reason.

Background checks- everybody can have one, people who fail them csnt live or get jobs in certain places. I dont wanna be working next to a murderer or ■■■ offender just cause he needs a job like the rest of us.

Credit checks- these allow you to live in larger homes purchase nicer vehicles, basically give yourself a loan when tough times come up. Horribly bad credit usually means your decision making is bad in one rigard or another and can impact your entire life greatly if not resolved, and that trust you with important things may bot be wise

Salary-every person working has a sales some hourly some set,some based on commission. You choose where you apply and how far you willing to get the job you want, hut I promise you going to your boss telling him you want more money just because doesnt usually end well

From where you dine, what movie theater you attend, what brand of clothing you wear, all of these these things have requirements and things you need to do to get there.

If people in real life have to earn what they have then why do people come into not the gaming world expecting different?

To get into certain colleges they have grade or price requirements, entrance exams, all.in place to make sure to bring in the right kind of people

It’s free to go to a grocery store walk around all day but other than the free samples if you wanna eat you need to purchase something

You can rent an apartment and sure it comes with lights, heat , water, and internet…for a price each month.

I have no problem with anyone choosing to be in a category, but I’m sick and tired of people complaining about more things for free. Life is not free, the computer or phone you are playing your game on is not free, the internet required to log in Is not free.

Divisions between players is supposed to happen. Competitive players and casual players normally should not be in the same alliance as they will have different goals, spenders and non spenders the same.

the gap allows people to migrate themselves to where they want to be based on their rosters depth and what kind of player they are until they find a home.

People who log in once a week, never spend a dollar, and are only concerned with having something to do shouldnt be worried about people who set alarms to make sure they dont miss titans. They are nowhere bear the same kind of player.

It’s annoying and old hearing the constant complaining about a gap that will exist until the games end. This is not your first video game and this isnt new. The bigger issue is people expecting everything that people work hard for in life for free.

At level 3400 you have to decide, you gonna stay FTP become CTP, or go P2W cause from that level forth you will dealing with all the players in the game and understand what they did to get to where they are in game play.

Get a job show up once a week and tell your boss you wanna get paid the same as everyone else because you are still employed even though you did no work

Call your landlord tell them you shouldnt have to pay rent because everyone deserves a roof over thier head

Go take food from the grocery store and tell them you can have it cause you hungry so they have to feed you and tell me how any of those situations work out for you.

YEP there is a gap and yep its dividing the playerbase and no amount of ■■■■■■■■ or complaining will ever change these known factors, you simply have to choose your place and accept ehere you are based on your decision.

The constant catering to people who arent even willing to earn 5 dollar a month is ruining this game and many others. Encourage the gap so people can stay in their divisions and the game can continue to add newer content for all. The game is. It made for free and everyone playing knows that so to expect every single aspect of the game with no money spent at all at a pace you choose is just ridiculous at this point.


I’m split on this.

In principle, i agree

But as a spender, i also don’t wanna be nickeled and dimed to death more than i already am every time devs want to “improve” the game. They are making money hand over fist as is, there is still plenty to spend on for almost every caliber of player outside of the minority of whales who bought multiple maxed troops and every hero/mat that came their way within their 1st year of playing but that doesn’t mean the majority should literally pay for those player’s boredom as it was self created.

Yes the gap will always be there between f2p and p2p and p2w and i have np with the gap but i do feel the gap has to have a cap on it or ends up like the games that even a lot of the whales in this game quit playing due to increasing demands of cash for advancement

Anyways that’s my 2 cents


F2P/C2P/P2W etc etc are more about the speed at which you choose to develop the game. The game has equal chances for all, but you can choose how many of those chances you get through spending or not spending. F2P obviously choose the slowest path for developing, making the game either a) the longest-lasting or b) the most gruelling and frustrating. All depending on your perspective.

Real life checks and balances really don’t correspond in the game. Your alliance mate is as likely to be an offender as an outstanding citizen , and due to the anonymous nature of the internet, you likely will never know.

The thing is, reading the complaints here most I would categorize as coming from the small-to-mid spenders who seem to think that because they have spent some their odds should improve. Most F2P’ers are aware we will never compete with the “whales” or even the mid-size spenders. All we ask is that the chances stay available. You can spend all you want to accelerate your growth and get all the “shiny” heroes. Me, I’m actually enjoying my TC20’s.


The key difference is this: we came from a gaming generation where, apart from the one off cost of the game, we did not need to pay to be better or the best.

Everyone had equal access to the best items and heroes so long as you worked hard in console games like The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Diablo II and insert any other old school game you grew up with.

Game devs, not just SG, realised this and used our old familiarities and addictive high achieving personalities to make us pay up. Don’t agree this culture belongs in gaming


I disagree. There are things behind a paywall that free-to-play cannot get. That is inherent in the gap that OP describes. I agree with everything OP said about the mindset that people have. I don’t think that gives SG license to prey on us financially, as Rigs described.
I personally believe that it’s too expensive to play this game competitively. And that it does prey on those that are addicted to gambling, such as myself. I have spent more on this game in the last three months than I have in two years buying other AAA video games. And I am nowhere near a competitive roster.


I miss monthly subscription games, where actual skill and time invested was the path to the top, but those days are gone now that people pay for progression instead.


Hahah omg this is written sounding exactly like a young republican with a trust fund :joy::joy::joy:

Oop! I just found Tomi Lahren’s account y’all!


One thing largely forgotten is that the free player base and cheap players are multiples larger than the big spenders. Nobody picks up a game like this and decides at download to be a whale. You all start free.
And with big games like cod and others going with microtransactions and hiding the best behind pay walls is not how I began gaming. Been doing it since Magnavox odyssey until now.
One issue with this game that they’re slowly fixing is free players didn’t have access to all heroes. Any game should let all play but at different speeds. Pay and advance fast, don’t and grind it out but you should get access to the same things.

Once you’re done s2 both modes you get maybe 2 pulls in ar and that’s maybe. With the low odds its not the same. If you could eventually get the same things with grinding its fair otherwise its a money grab.

Clearly you don’t mind paying that’s fine. But you posted a solution to a problem that wasn’t there. We know the divisions are there. But without f2p you’d never be able to play in many games since the field would be only pay and small. Oh, its regard btw, rigard is a great purple healer.



I feel like I’m in the twilight zone here. I dont think I’m the only older person here, but what happened to competing on a level playing field where skill and time invested was what mattered. This was for any sport I’ve played, from contact athletics to chess and everything in-between. Yes you could buy high end equipment, private lessons and tutoring, but it was the time invested and skill developed that mattered.

I couldn’t throw money at a judge, bribe an ingame official to get an advantage. My time invested and ability to learn and play was what mattered. I will NEVER advocate for anything other than this.

I never heard of microtransactions before this game. I now have an extreme dislike of them. The profits (not revenue) these companies are making is obscene.

I know people are from different countries and have different systems and beliefs, but some of the posts I have read in this and other topics have definete classist/elitist overtones.


Non confondiamo la vita reale con un gioco.Nella vita reale è normale spendere soldi per mangiare ecc altrimenti il sistema collassa in un gioco come questo non è giusto fare pagare 50 dollari per avere in cambio cosa ? Non dico che bisogna avere tutto gratis ma è normale che per avere un’eroe 5 stelle devi spendere 100 dollari in chiamate dove hai 1% di possibilità ?

[Google translation provided by mod: “We do not confuse real life with a game. In real life it is normal to spend money on eating etc. otherwise the system collapses in a game like this it is not fair to charge 50 dollars to get what in return? I’m not saying that you have to have everything for free but it is normal that to have a 5-star hero you have to spend 100 dollars on calls where you have 1% chance?”]


What exactly is behind a paywall that F2p CANNOT get? There are certain things like HOTM that are extremely unlikely for F2P to get I agree but there is not anything yet that I as, well, VC2P cannot at least strive to attain. Admittedly one EHT is not very promising for a HOTM but it can happen. I’ve actually done it myself. One EHT each got me Aeron and Gregorion. I actually fail when I save and try for a HOTM.

There IS a gap, for sure, created by paying to accelerate your advancement. That gap is likely too big to overcome unless you play for 10 years or more. And there should be a gap, since those players chose to pay to advance quicker. But so what? What is the goal of this game? Why do you play? That all counts in the equation too.


If I want to play this game, I DO need to accept that this is the way it is.

What I don’t need to do is like it.

I have been and will continue to be vocal about what I view as design shortcomings in this game. With the expectation that it won’t change anything, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t voice my disappointment with the design choices made by SG that I strongly do not like.

As for “it’s okay that this happens in this game because it happens in the real world.” That’s a fallacious argument. Just because life isn’t fair doesn’t mean video games shouldn’t be or can’t be fair. In fact there are nearly innumerable games that do not have any “pay to win” aspect. More games lack the ability for players to directly purchase ‘better’ heroes or better stats or whatnot.

If you enjoy ‘pay to win’ games more power to you.

Telling me or anyone else that we need to like it because it’s the way the crappy world is, is total bullocks and I’m struggling to understand how you don’t see that.


What some of us are struggling to understand, is why you even play the game, if you don’t like it.

Life is too short, and offers too many opportunities, to waste precious time on something I don’t like.


Totally fair.

I’ll attempt to explain- let me know if it makes sense:

  • the game by and large is well designed
  • the game is fun. It combines a number of game archetypes together.
  • the game is smart. It provides some opportunity for the player to strategize during their play.
  • the progression rate in the game is good. It’s staged well to keep players enjoying the game over time.
  • it’s got a lot of team focused activities. This is important of course because I enjoy playing this game with my wife and my alliance.

  • despite all of the above. I still hate the way that players are baited to spend money by the summon portal. I don’t like the random nature of hero acquisition. I think it’s bad.
  • Additionally, I don’t like loot boxes. But while some loot boxes are ‘optional for aesthetics’ , SG has them as their primary monetization mechanism. And I view this as a real disservice to the game as a whole and to my enjoyment of it.
  • I recognized that SG wouldn’t be profiting as much from the game, and by and large we might not see as much new content in the game without them. But if that were the price to pay for a less predatory monetization system, I would happily pay that.

I’d say @Duaneski likes the game quite a lot. What he doesn’t like is the mercenary nature of some of the decisions of late in the game’s direction. TBH I can’t disagree with him. Alchemy lab has absolutely NO appeal to me as a player. It doesn’t solve ANY issues I have with material shortages. I’m not even considering building it right now. Hero Academy and Costumes appear to be going down the same path. Path of Valor has potential but I don’t hold much hope for it. It may end up being yet another source of readily-available mats for us F2P unless we want to spend on it. I dearly hope I’m wrong.


So like what exactly is it that bothers you about players who have less than you expressing a desire for more?
Why does it even matter to you? You made a post like venting about it like it bothers you on a personal level that people don’t want to spend $100’s for HOTM. You do know SG is the greediest game company that exists right? Like there is not one example of another micro transaction game just bending their players over a barrel the way these guys do. It’s weird to see people defending them like this. You’re saying you’re happy spending thousands of dollars on this game and everybody else who has less money than you should not complain about the low odds and the price of gems? You sound ridiculous.


The reason i started playing 9 months ago was the maps. I finished S1, im at level 19n on Atlantis, did a few hard levels.
I’m enjoying myself.
Along the way, i created an alliance, having fun doing titans, wars with my teammates. We are having fun.
I’m cheap for fun, i don’t ask nor care if my teammates are spenders or not. VIP and a few $1.99 gems deals is usually my limit.
I don’t raid, exept during 3 and 4*'s tournaments. Not competitive i guess.
Events and such are on my “to do” list, and i enjoy most of them.
A few summons a month is all i need, i can’t imagine doing 10 pulls 1 after the other. I get what i get and move on.
TC20 running 24/7 and has been generous to me, a few 4 & 5*'s and lots of 3*(some i have maxed).
The game can be frustating (compasses are scares/ boards are terrible/ Wu Kong suck egg) but overall i like it and plan on playing for some time, especially now with S3 approaching.
I look at all the offers and … ignore them.
Well that’s my play style.
I’m having fun and you should too.
PS for xmas I’m going to break the bank, i will spend $25 (reward gift card) :grin:


Very well thought out responses. To touch on a few, I never said you had to like what was being done at all and that you cant advocate for more, but for you to say these mindstates arent pulling into the real world you are totally false.

I am a hiring supervisor for a company. When I hire people I have to sit and talk to them, get their views on life, what they think they can do for my company, see what experience they have and what their goals are to see if they will be a fit for my company.

From real life experience, I have the most trouble in every department in more than 20 locations with young adults with the same FTP mindstate about life as they have in these video games. The amount of ridiculous reasons to call In I have recieved from these types of people is astounding, things that would have never made it past the reception desk when i was coming up, are left in my voicemail, grown men and women having their parents call in for them when they dont even live at home, people trying to debate with me why there should be an age bracket on what time people should work, how they should get a raise just because they have been their , yet have not met a single number or quota that they have been given, I could go on for hours and wish I had live video for the garbage i listen to every day.

I have heard it all, I game to escape that whole world.

When overwatch came out , was indtantly one of my favorite games loved everything about it from looks lore characters, great work, 3 years later never spent a single dollar, compete in a high enough bracket that I dont feel I have anything to prove but can barely turn the game on anymore. From players emoting all round to 8 year olds screaming In the mic and my favorite PEOPLE WHO COME MULTIPLAYER GAMES THAT REQUIRE COOPERATION WITH TEAMMATES AND EVERY ONE OF THIS SYTEMS COMES WITH A MIC YET THEY REFUSE TO TALK EVER WHY? because they shouldnt have to yet it is a fundamental part of the game to tell your teammate look out behind you!!! Duck!!! Just saying.

FTP -it is a choice that you made. You are saying I’m Not willing to Invest any money Into something I find entertaining that I know is not free, yet I’m gonna complain all day cause they let me in.and my voice matters too.

C2P- I like this game but man it can get expensive trying to progress to fast. My budget for entertainment is small and I might have to work on what I got and if I want to fight people in the highest brackets, but I can still do everything in game it would just be a lot better if ik could ascend these heroes i have

P2W- I’m gonna buy whatever, whenever ,however and since im funding the rest of these players I can say whatever I want and SG better listen and the players better listen cause I’m paying their salaries and making sure these freebies have something to do. We were hear first and more tha once we have been accused of getting gameplay changes forced into the game even though not a single Whale works at SG.

Whatever bracket you in, you either accept it and play or leave when you dont like what’s being thrown at you any longer.

I enjoy my alliance mates, we made some pretty strict budgets for those that have been here awhile, and we make sure to set goals that Include all of us. We are c2p most of us with a few spenders and a couple completely FTP. If you are an alliance mate my goal is to help you as a whole from knowledge of heroes, possible play styles to benefit your roster, find ways to help win gems to advance their rosters in a timely fashion. It has to be working because SG profits are saying it is, and the lot of us are still here on these forums watching them add newer co tent week after week because at the end of the day it’s a fun flawed game that could be great many feel if everything was just given with just a little more frequency.

I wished I lived somewhere where everything was just given or even understood how one can come Into the mindstate that they deserve it all with whatever effort that they get to choose.

Almost every single thing added to this game there has been a forum topic for it and every single one of them has a post about someone complaining about how tired they are of nit being given a mulligan to catch up to people who never got a mulligan to get where they are.

These same types of people hit the titan once a day, have war hits remaining in the middle of wars, think you have to have ever shiny hero to be competitive instead of learning to mix their heroes skills.

I’ve made it to #1 with a pretty nice roster but far from top of the line. .my largest team isnt over 4200, and have no troops even at level 20 yet, I read these forums, watch videos, debate topics I am at arms with, and learn with other players. We all have access to the same learning utensils here. I have not ever made a post blaming SG for anything and have agreed with many about most changes accept that everything should be given for free.

You had three men In Mario to try and beat the whole game. And if you didnt find some extras along the way you better learn the boards well. I have a gamer friend that i grew up with that never got to see the end of some story modes of games because they couldnt complete them because frankly, they were not good enough. Everyone wants to be a gamer but there needs to be sections for each type of gamer to find their enjoyment you can not always cater to everybody in every aspect In these types of games I shouldn’t have to drive a Ford Taurus over my BMW because someone else cant afford one and person shouldn’t expect to just be given one without any effort to attain it.

Is someone had the highest level heroes 5 sets of +30 troops and full emblems on every hero they are using there is nothing else for them to strive for so haveing tournaments that are free and cheap are great for all but if someone wants to spend for something else they should be able to pay for their experience themselves.

You go to the movies at different times of day the price changes. You can choose to buy refreshments or Not and you can get reclining Deats or go to a cheap dollar theater with horrible seats but still see the same movie the guy haveing a steak and beer whILE he is watching.

we watched the same movie you paid 1 dollar for a ticket had no popcorn and rank from the water fountain and loved the movie still right? Did it matter that this guy had a steak and you didnt? Did you even know he had a steal as yall were in different theaters watching the same entertainment? I mean that’s what we are talking about right?

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Yes, your talking about being rewarded for skill (due to time spent learning the game), not getting your wallet out and buying 10 extra lives and mushrooms.

And if we are dividing up people I’d want to be in the group that is kicks butt in war and trips titans, not the one where someone drops 2k a month.


I’m In a c2p/ftp alliance so we kinda watchnthenglame wars that go on around us and it’s interesting to say the least. Those of us been here over a year barely have anything roster wise stronger than a few players who have been here half the time, yet all these new people are able to level up faster and better because of the ease of leveling that has been added that was not there for the previous players. They had no V.I.P., no second chance at HOTM, no.specials for backpacks, no emblems, none of what has been added to the game today to aide new and old players alike.

I fully agree with you. They had to actually have skill to attain there status and hold them after all the changes that have been made since they started. Most of them are upset at how all you have to do is run mono to complete most of the game.

Ever since elemental links skill has deteriorated ten fold and wallets get further and further I ok their comfort zone until the alliances like yours and mines come through ruffling there feathers with skill and game play. good luck in your war and continue to fight for skill as do we.

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