F2P, C2P & P2P.... which / what to do?

In Dec-2019, I started as F2P for one month, & C2P for next 2 months, then P2P for 7 months & collected heroes. Now C2P as I level up heroes in a full roster… & build my empire…

Whats your experience?

P2P to start with to Collect your heroes, then cheap to play for gems etc 99p to £1.99 and then free to play while I build everything and level everything

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My first few months were F2P. Then I went C2P for about 2 years. I have now gone to being very C2P. The reason is, I have plenty of 5* heroes to level, with no mats to level them. At that point, more 5* heroes aren’t doing me any good at all, so no real point in spending more money. I think the biggest thing at this point that will help my roster is going to be troops and costumes.


F2P the whole time for 3 years now. This game was always meant to be a time killer as needed and I never wanted it to get that serious. It’s worked for me, I still enjoy it and have plenty of heroes to chase :ok_hand:



Started vc2p for about a year. Over this year i started to pay more and trying to go back to vc2p or even ftp and not increase my spendings again. Have enough heroes to level. If I can get a 4* AM for 10 or less, i might buy that offer. Will probably even take me about a year to max my good heroes now. And then I’d rather should max my bad vanilla heroes instead of spending for summons… After all it adds variety to the game and the slow ones can still shine at rush tournaments. When i have a deep roster already why not maxing specific heroes for special situations? Justice must be awesome for rush… But for now is the last on my wait list

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