F2F! (Rare) 3* Alliance Wars!

While I have a 4* Epic defense team, I also have 30 fully-ascended 3* Rare Heroes who enjoy a good battle.

I was wondering, how many other players would be interested in joining an alliance that fights 3* Alliance Wars twice a week?

I believe that there’s enough 3-star armies out there with players who would enjoy fighting Alliance Wars just for the thrill of battle.

Is that you?

Please share your interest and thoughts about this topic in the space below.

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I believe the game will rank you based on your strongest possible team, so unless you feed your 4* heroes to others, you will be matched against 4* opponents (theoretically, let’s not get into that!).

So if you desire to use 3* heroes, you’ll be faced with difficult opponents every time, which will be quite demoralising.

If you enjoy a good 3* team, use them for war by all means, but the Rare level events might be their real time to shine.

To have proper 3* (or even 4*) wars the game would need to enforce that. It won’t happen.

Thats a nice and fun idea, but you can’t know for sure if attackers “cheat” using higher heroes.

So you need a lot of trust for each other to make it.

“To have proper 3* (or even 4*) wars the game would need to enforce that. It won’t happen.”

Yes, SG would have to create the arena for 3* Alliance Wars just as they do for the tournaments.

Right now I’m just trying to gauge interest and find out how many players are interested in doing this. If enough people express interest Small Giant will listen, just as they have in the past to player feedback.

I spent a lot of time and effort building up my 3* army, but against 5* defense teams, they end up as roadkill on the battlefield.

Okay… then I’m officially expressing my desire to play wars restricted to 3* heroes.

And again: No, it won’t happen. We should bet.:slight_smile:

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This 3 * Alliance War concept in its infancy ( I just thought of it this morning).

I thought that perhaps having a trophy maximum would attract players to an Alliance I will be creating (bet accepted).

At this moment , a 3* team is defending 1800 trophies. I’m hardcore committed to making 3* War alliances a reality :neutral_face:

This sounds like fun, but l would also like to include a few 2*'s such as Layla, Toril ect.

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Sure! Layla is one of my favorite Heroes.