F__k GOW & GOW Sucks Now Seeking New Members **RAFFLES!**

Hey there. We’re F__k GOW, an active alliance, many of us bonded by our shared pain we endured to the wallet in GOW. :money_with_wings::moneybag:Now we’re here in E&P, a new family formed. We’re close knit, driven, and maybe a bit crazy, :crazy_face: but we’re mostly harmless unless you’re a titan or face us in war. :smiling_imp: :grin::innocent:
We have two alliances, a main and a training. Recently we cleaned up some of the excess baggage so we now have room to bring in new, amazing players and add them to our growing family. All power levels are accepted. To join main alliance you must have three teams of approx 3500 power minimum for war. Exceptions may be made for those that we notice going above and beyond, growing quickly and playing well, etc.
You MUST either uncheck war box or use all 6 hits. This is non negotiable. We are a team that works together. We need all flags used to kick a** and take names.
We’re currently taking 9-10* titans, but this will rise as we move forward.
Must use Line, or have a good reason not to and another way to contact. We’re active in our Line chat. We also have many hints, tips, tricks, and links to advice in Line.
Oh, and as a little bonus… We will be doing raffles for our members, still working out exact details, but as it stands now there will be two prizes of $50 towards your choice of Google Play or ITunes store per month in order for you to better kick a**.
If this sounds good to you come join us at either F__k GOW or GOW Sucks! Look forward to seeing you!!! :muscle::sunglasses::+1:

I like this, FREE TO JOIN , and GET PAY WHEN I PLAY !!! the BEST

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