Eye of the storm top 10 recruiting

EYE OF THE STORM (top 10 team regularly) is currently recruiting. We have one slot currently open.

We require 20+ fully leveled 5* heros.
Trophy requirement is 2500+
Titan hits have to be 80,000+ minimum

We only fight 12* titans and kill every one of them. So loot is pretty stellar and is my main reason for wanting to be part of a big team.

We rank #1 regularly and stay in the top 25 most of the time.

War participation is a must.

Of all the top 10 alliances i’ve been a part of this one is the most laid back.

Its honestly a pretty easy going buch of guys and a team i plan to stay part of for quite some time.

If anyone is interested in joining please contact zigglesworth on line. Id is zigglesworth. You may also contact me on here with any questions.


We do not really mess with fancy recruiting and videos. Were mainly just a bunch of people who enjoy chatting and sharing the game.

We sre currently ranked #34 and when we get our final member we will be in the top 15.

If we want to mess around killing the titans in the first 4 hours we can be the number one alliance but most of us do not care for having that number one rank by killing titans so fast. It does become a bit stressful so we refrain from that. We also have a lot of leniency on players who have issues arise. Just let us know whats going on and we will cover your titan hits and such.

And yes killing the 12* titans in under 4 hours is the requirement to being in the top 5 alliances. We are ranked number 1 regularly but cannot be ranked that high with a 29 member roster.

If you want to be in a top 10 alliance without the ridiculous requirements of the other top ten alliances or the stress then give us a try.


We are now ranked #14. We are currently full but will be loosing one, possibly two players soon.

We normally dont rank behind blazing dawn but we will soon be back to hanging out with the real teams. And yes blazing dawn is inferior to us. They alllwed this outcast to join them. He goes by the name magnus or something. :joy::joy::joy::joy: maybe wormwood can call him out for me???

If anyone is interested in joing just let me know.

We recently had two long time members quit after spending insane amounts of money on atlantis while drawing no 5* heros. This is usually the reason we loose seasoned veterans so we do encourage our members not to participate in summons as it is a very horrible form of gambling.

We appreciate a bunch of fully leveled classic heros as they are just as good as the new heros and in many cases better.

Anyways just visit me on line if you would like to talk. My id is t-penn. my name on line is dumb Dum1

Dang just straight up calling stuff out bold

Nahhhhh a good friend of mine is over there with blazing dawn. And wormwood is a pretty dang good guy.

Oddly enough we havent been matched with them yet.

But to be honest i would have to say that most of the higher ranked teams are good to play with. All but the russians. Their like dang drill sergeants.

However most alliances do
Have stringent titan requirements that stress me out

The only top 10 team I’ve every played with was the Russians over a year ago lol

Was it copper kettle? They were rough man. They would demand me to do 140k damage on every titan and then when a rare would pop up at 2am they would kill it in an hour and tell me thats how it goes.

This last go round i hit in war out of my time slot due to life issues so they kicked me lol. A liitle to rigid for me.

No it wasn’t them. And I was only in the Russian alliance for one Titan they didn’t place any expectations on me because I wasn’t there long just passing by.

Im still recruiting. I swore to our leadership that i would find a few good players in here. They told me i was crazy. I guess we get most of our players from other avenues. Anyways we still need one good player.

As of today we are ranked #1. So if anyone is interested in joing please chime in. This will be my last attempt in the forums to recruit.

Would I be able to join your alliance after the war coming?

Thats definitely possible. We use line to communicate. Do you have the app line? If so look for tpenn with the screen name dumb dum1. We can chat more there


I thought Magnus is in the Scandanavian Allstars? Maybe it didn’t work out for him at blazing dawn :slightly_frowning_face:
Best of luck on hunting great players. A great but fun alliance like EoTS will always be one of the best. :wink:

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There’s 2 different magni (plural for magnus, right?)

Magnus with a buncha parentheses is still in SA.

Magnus without a buncha parentheses is still in Blazing Dawn.

That makes sense, it occurred to me as well, but I hadn’t checked yet. I see him now :+1:

I used to play with magnus in p.o.e. He got tired of the leadership role and left. Thats when i joined eots.

We just recently went through a lot of people dropping out due to the board being coded against mono hits and another lot dropping out as their sick of not being able to draw legendaries. So now were back at recruiting. It does get tiresome but i guess its part of the game.

If anyone is interested in joing hit me up

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