Eye of the Storm - One spot open! 20181117 3800TP, 2400 CUPS

Eye of the Storm has two openings. Generally 11* Titans. 3800 TP Desired. Contact Zigglesworth on line or apply in alliance if interested.

Im interested i have normaly 2200t
Nick hrte1981

Is that a lineID? I cannot find it. You can request to join and well give you a shot if you want. If your 2200 cups your probably strong enough. Helps a lot if you have Wu though for 10* titans.

So we found one. But tomorrow will be another opening.

How can i join?
Im a very active player

Invite onlyi:joy:
Can you help me

You apply to join but it only works with an opening. So like I said we won’t have the 2nd opening until tomorrow. If you install the APP “Line” and add me “Zigglesworth” you can communicate with me much easier on getting into the alliance.

We are back to having the one opening. 2200 cups. We are set to open right now.

If you drop the cups requirement to 1800 I’ll join. You did that for the member that joined yesterday…
(You might as well set the alliance to invite only).

Ok try to join now. It’s set that way.

Please try to come fast. We would like to fill the spot before War preparation starts.

We have a few spots open as of right now. Come check us out!

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2 spots left in our awesome alliance!

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We are full as of today. Thanks!

Open spot! Come join us! :smiley:

Bump for an open spot. Join up today!

Bump for an open spot! Killing 11* and most 12*!!

Bump for an open spot!

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