Extremely low chance on drawing 5* event heroes

I think it’s all about time. If you do a 10x and don’t get one stop and quit doing a 10x summon. Spread it out during the entire month


Event heroes are only available these 3 days… you can’t spread all month

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I was referring to doing the 10 X summons not just for this event

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superstitions, if the summons are bad, then they’re bad


Try spending 900 dollars to get red hood and coming up empty.


This is outrageous!

Support this:


I don’t know how Empires & Puzzles work, but many other gacha games have a rate up which gives an increased chance of drawing event units from the event banner. Of course, the chance of drawing a 5* or equivalent is still small, but there’s atleast a bigger chance that you’ll draw event units.

To me it seems like SG just adds a few more event heroes to the common drawing pool, which in turn gives crap odds of drawing an event hero. If that’s the case… it’s BAD.

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Did 6x10 pulls no luck for 5* Event Hero. Got only 1x Gretel, 3x Hansel and 2 Gravemaker

If you bet on something you don’t know the chance to win, then it’s your fault.
Sorry man.

Do we know the odds? Did SG finally publish it?

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Nope, and thats exactly the point.
He choose (and many others) to invest in that even if we don’t know anything.

Can’t complain if we don’t get what we want.

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This is a feature, not a bug. Unlike most other games, spending money in E&P does not guarantee you a powerful team. Of course you’d expect to do better the more money you spent, but there is a chance you’ll be unlucky and flush your money.

Similarly, F2P players can get lucky, and grinders can grind their way to a good team. Being a big spender gives you a better chance of developing a powerful team, but it does not guarantee it.

This is one of the best aspects of the game, I think. Certainly it’s what has kept me playing for more than a year, F2P, and I have heard similar things from other F2P players: in E&P we can stay competitive. I suspect it’s also one of the things that makes the game profitable - those who can be tempted to risk money summoning heroes can probably be tempted to risk a little more if the first summons fails. And a little more. And a little more.

I’d be entirely behind E&P revealing the chances of success for each pull. It seems just a tad shady for them to keep the underlying odds secret - it leans a little towards the unethical and exploitative. But if what really rots your jocks is the fact that one can’t simply buy success in this game, then I have no sympathy for you.

There are plenty of games in which you can just buy success - go play them. This game has earned millions of players (and millions in profits) by departing from that paradigm and making players rely on the goodwill of the Gods of Randomness. Sometimes they love you and sometimes they hate you. If you can’t handle that then E&P is not for you.


Millions? Only about 500k likes in fb, about 570k following the page.
In this current event, a player doing only tier 1 of rare, with the grand result of 21k pts has a ranking of 608.621 , a reasonable guess at how many are participating


More recent articles quote higher numbers, but I’m not looking for them just now.

Edit: Just from memory, the more recent daily visitors quoted were something like 2 million, but memory is unreliable and I’m a flawed vessel, so don’t quote me on that.


Downloads does not mean people playing. I myself download many games, and if I do not like them, just delete. Just a wander around outside alliances will find how many did exactly that. The data also coincides with a training alliance, where about 40% of newbies stop playing after a couple of days

Perhaps you didn’t bother to read the article I linked to. A million daily players. Back in February.

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i did read that, but besides looking like a standard pr notice, it got me wondering where are the 34 thousand active alliances housing all this people, and why are there no recruits, and why they choose not to participate in events

Allow me to answer your questions with some questions:

  • How many alliances do you think there are?

  • How many players do you think are in a typical alliance?

  • How many players do you think are not in alliances?

  • What do you think happens to the availability of recruits as the number of alliances increases?

  • What proportion of players do you think bother to participate in events?

  • Of those, what proportion do you think bother to participate in the ‘rare’ tier?

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I wanted to look at this another way, How I (a slim spender, or “mostly F2P”) would see it, divided by 3/4/5* cards. Based on the numbers given, the total cards are 168(+3)=171:

5* - 1(3) - 0.58% (2.33%)*
4* - 46 - 26.90%
3* - 121 - 70.76%

*including the 3 Gravemakers

So compared to the expected rate of the TC20, the 5* is low, the 4* is higher, and 3* is slightly lower. Hmmm…


And what are your conclusions from these numbers?

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