Extreme Support Team Response Times


Hi All,

I recently experienced a massive increase in response times from Support at SG. I have an urgent case not responded for 2 weeks and 2 other non-urgent cases not responded in a week. I just wonder if someone else can tell us their experience with response times. There are rumors that SG responds in some languages very well and discriminte enquirers in English. I find hard to believe that, so please share your thoughts and experience.

Please note: This thread is not to judge a quality of responses and quality of resolutions, which is a completely different topic . Just stick with response times.



This is not an answer of your question
But IMO SG has much things going right now.
They are working on 2 massaive events, war matchmaking and tons of ideas/bugs to test and try to get em fixed/work.
I say give them some time.


Why are you submitting so many tickets? Just wondering. I’ve played for 13 months and never needed to contact their Support.


Since the officially-supported language of the game (or at least the forums) is English, and there are a lot of English-speaking players, I would guess that the queue of support tickets in English is simply far longer than for other languages.

It is also possible that, to reduce the workload on the support staff and to reduce spam, they prioritize tickets based on perceived severity, the number of reports of the same issue by other players, and/or the frequency that a particular player submits multiple report tickets.

The best advice I can give is to have patience.


I do know that SG has said sending multiple independent tickets on the same issue (instead of connected responses to their response email) actually makes the whole process take longer.

When needing assistance, send one ticket, and only reply to their response email on that issue until closed.



Thanks for a reply. As per my case the tickets are different. The urgent one was related to the account issue. The non-urgent one was related to a report from horrible mismatching of alliances in a wars (like alliance of 78500 matched to 96500 where one side had 6 defenders 3000+ TP and the other side had 20 defenders with 3000+ TP). So, everyone was annoyed and asked me to report it). I’d love to mark the second ticket as not that urgent, but there was no such option while I was logging that. Either way 2 weeks for the first issue (account issue) sounds like it would be a subject of getting on-board more support analysts, wouldn’t it?


The mismatch of alliances is impossible to fully diagnose from the player side, since they can’t see the depth of the opponent’s benches, among other things.

Recently, matchmaking was tweaked (see final pic). Please review all changes here:

As far as I know, the Devs tested out a number of matchmaking systems in May and June, and the recent changes merely incorporate enhancements to the accepted system from June:


With due all respect, this update is exactly when the problem started. The recent change caused the most serious problems during the whole war history. So, it’s not a solution, it’s a root cause of the problem. How can it happen that now suddenly instead of equal close results the difference between the sides is like 4000:2500 points. In the past it was never ad bad as it is now.

But we are now far away of the topic. Let’s stick with response times of the helpdesk.
Does anyone else feel that due to 2 weeks of response time for urgent matters, they should employ a bit more support analysts at SG?


why do you think your experience is the same for everybody? If you have read other threads in the forum, you would see that some alliances are finally getting good matches… after having bad matches for months. But if you don’t win, then obviously something is wrong? :wink:


@nes @Witch I have no opinion of either side because I really enjoy the game win or lose but the last couple of matches for war since the update have been horrendous for my alliance too haha. We’ve been absolutely smashed by over 2000 points with full participation :smile:. I haven’t bothered saying anything because it seems that people have had better experiences since the update which is great :slight_smile:

I certainly wouldn’t worry about submitting a ticket for a war loss though… that won’t get traction. Just sit back like me and hope that the E&P Gods have some pity haha. Everyone can’t win all the time, unfortunately there has to be a loser :smile:


We lost 2 and we won 1 since. All of them by a significant margin of points (nearly 50% of points for a winning side). And what wonder - the difference between the two Alliance powers (AP - displayed in Alliance menu) was over 20%!!!
When we used to get the same level of AP opponent - the difference was by 6 point, by 10 points, by 60 points, etc. So I disagree with you. Of course everyone is annoyed when they get war opponent with AP 20% higher rather than the other way.

Speaking with words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet - “Something is wrong in the state of Denmark … with the alliance wars…”. Not sure what exactly Shakespeare meant by that statement :wink:

Sorry for out of topic comment as a reaction to Witch’s contribution.


I have never had an issue with response gets back to me within just a few days and are always very helpful.


@Emc154 Thanks Emc. May I ask in which language you submitted your support ticket?


I know just one team’s results are annecdotal, but take ours:

Before the recent change, we lost some 23-25 wars (let me check for exact numbers), many losses by a wide margin, and won three. Three, barely.

This was not due to lack of game knowledge or lack of good heroes or lack of participation. We were just routinely outmatched and slaughtered nearly every war. (“I have detailed files…” ahnuld voice) :grin:

After the recent change, we won two by a large margin and lost one by a small margin. We are celebrating, not decrying this change.

As for tickets, I don’t normally file tickets, but yes, I would want a swifter response than 2 weeks. I was under the impression it was a few days.


Support works fine. Answer recieved on second day. Opened the ticket about no free gems for facebook sign in. They asked to write when exactly was the first sign in. Can someone help to find it?


I cannot comment on any individual cases but there shouldn’t be any big delays currently in response times and you should receive response within 1-2 business days. Please make sure you have submitted the tickets right way (always use the in-game support button when submitting a new request). You can also register an account in our support website, if you want to review all your tickets and their statuses.

For further instructions, check out these FAQ articles:

Why no one answer to emails?We need urgent support since two weeks.thanks

Hello, ive a Problem in the Game and arent able to Open an Owen request.

Im Not able in the Game to Play a Location with complet Violet enemies.

Like 22/7 i get Always Kicked.

Please Help, because of this i cannot Finish season 1…

Kind regrets