"Extra Titan Battle Time" Item / Titan Tokens

An item that is only of use against Titans that extends the battle time for, let’s say, 30 more seconds. (if brought into any other battle, the item is grayed out since it serves no purpose and prevents it from being wasted). The item need not be very rare since it has a limited scope of use.

There are times when my team are right on the verge of killing a Titan, only to have time run out, leaving you unsure if someone else will come along in the last few minutes to do the tiny bit of remaining damage. Sure, a flask can be used to fix this, but sometimes it feels like a waste doing so since they are rare and you may regenerate your energy before using the others on the next Titan.

Titan - game play only allows approx a minute and a half on Titan kills BUT what if part of a specialty package, Titan or hero chest included a Titan Token that extended your Titan attack thirty seconds? Titan tokens would allow players the option to “use Titan Tokens” at the end of select Titan battles. This is similar to Titan refills except they will be used to extend the length of your current battle and be more readily available to players than Titan refills are…

Sorry. Didn’t realize this was posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking something that could be worked randomly into the actual Titan fight, rather than a fixed item. For example, generating X diamonds or dragons could extend your timer by 10 seconds. Or maybe a certain Combo level would do the same. Lots of possibilities that would trigger a time increase. Sudden death overtime!

But yeah, Titans could use some new ‘spice’.