Extra time before an event summoning portal closes

All players hurry up to finish an event before the event time limit and get the rewards (mostly event coins). But in the end, all gathered coins cannot be used for the specific eveny summon… Portal is closed until the next same event… This is more than necessary in case a player gathers many rewards coins for a specific event hero that is on the same portal that closes simultaneousky with the event rewards!
Maybe the event portal can stay open some hours after the event rewards were given!
(as long as it doesnot coicide with the next event)

i second this because SG has already started it with the War of Three Kingdoms, and to my knowledge, it is the first event to distribute rewards while the portal is still available and any earned coins* can be used for the portal immediately upon receipt.

*yes, i know the payout of W3K coins is abysmal for 99% of participants.

Well, then I hope they take this idea of us, from the 3kingdoms to all other events as well.