Extra teamslot gone


problem: I had bought an extra teamslot for 100 gems (from 5 to 6!!) you get “so-called” 6 slots for raids, titan fights and alliance wars … , however, I don’ t see an extra team slot anywhere. it just stays at 5! but my gems are reduced from 300 to 200 gems. gems gone and no extra teamslot. WHAT A WASTE !


Report it ingame.
Send a ticket support with all time date and exact problem.



ticet report sended, tx


I didn’t buy an extra team slot. You bought an extra team. You now have 6 teams, not five, all of which hold 5 people. Slide left and right and you’ll see. This was added as a request from many (although o personally don’t need an extra team slot). Sorry the confusion. I’ve rad others were confused on the wording too inother posts. @mhalttu @Petri @Sara is anyone looking at the wording?


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