Extra slot

Why would you pay for an extra team slot? It seems easy enough to change one of the five you already have.

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Because, laziness.

I’ve bought 2.



Search the forum, dozens of people requested it.

I’m still happy with five.


I first thought this way and after forgetting to change my teams back after raids… losing cups… i buckled down and bought one. It has helped me, with raids/titan/war. So if you have an extra 100… its a good investment. :+1:

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I haven’t bought extra slots but I likely will. I currently only have 2 team slots for offensive raids. 1 team is permanent mono red and the other I change around sometimes but yeah, laziness. Would be nice just to scroll for the team you need against certain tank/flanks. I always stack 3/2 so each team would just be a variation of the colors I frequently need.