Extra roll for Valhalla coins in loot

Now that season 3 is released with Valhalla coins, shouldn’t there be an additional roll in most - if not all - awarded loot, just like for Atlantis coins?

At this point there are no plans to do this, but I wish they would. It would be a small thing that could generate a lot of good will among the players


I agree and have voted for this! Come on, SG! Make us want the rewards even more :wink:

I think they maybe holding back due as there is going to be a lot more realised in the future

Lotta heros gotta fill them spots so giving extra coins is probably not on there list!

It would be no work to split the current altantis drop between the two types of coin. More heroes coming is not a valid excuse not to do it


As per latest SG announcement:


SG givith and SG taketh away


Of course, they had to give something with one hand and take another with the other hand :frowning:

That’s quite unfortunate, but I won’t take the blame for it :smiley:

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Nup I’m blaming you.




20 more no’s


I’m not sure I like the change, but at the same time I have most S2 heros (except 5*s, darn you ursena and Inari, and Poseidon and Ariel and probably others), and will welcome additional chances to get s3 heros.

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Closing as this has been implemented. :+1:

Reference V28 release notes: