Extra reward for attacking the titan at least 5 times

I think it is a good idea that would lead to more activity of alliance members in attacking titans.

Some additional reward for attacking the titan at least 5 times.
I guess it’s an easy change to make?

What’s more fun, it could lead to a race for an extra reward because not everyone would do 5 attacks before the titan dies if everyone tried to do so


this along with how many flags each member has and used will definitely make a better titan cooperation and experience.

IMHO, @Globi, there is nothing to stop alliances setting up such competitions within the alliance. Obviously, the more titan flags people use, the easier a titan will be defeated, the more loot alliance mates could possibly get. So, you’d encourage better titan cooperation as a result.

What extra rewards are you suggesting, for what you’d expect from daily active players anyway? :thinking:

what prizes?

I would expect something maybe not of great value, but rare, e.g. top-shelf battle artifacts

Do you want a cookie or a pat on the head? An “attaboy” from your alliance mates?

Sorry, but SGG says



however, I believe SmallGiant would benefit from this.

Each additional form of competition brings increased interest in the game.
And that would be something new again.
Competition within the alliance in a cool form.

There’s already competition within the alliance in titan battles: The better your finish, the higher your loot tier.

This is in contrast to alliance wars, where everyone has the same chance of getting (usually crappy) loot - which is a feature I appreciate, BTW (aside from the crappy loot, of course), because it rewards teamwork more than the individual, which is an important element in AW.


an additional plus is greater motivation for those who are moderately active on titanium to attack more often.

And you know that often being on the top of the Titan standings doesn’t guarantee anything.
you can get nothing and someone from place 15 will get material 4 *

that’s why I think it’s a good idea

Of course it doesn’t, but the drop rates for unfarmable mats are much higher at the higher loot tiers.

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The more flags you use, the higher the grade you can get, the better the loot you can get. That should be enough.

You can just add punishment to those who use less then certain number of flags.

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ok You are punishments fan, I preffer to teach ppl.being more active by rewards

Ps. I Hope you are not a dog owner :wink:

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I’m thinking the intention is adding a consequence to not using flags such as demotion. Which should be decided by the alliance.

If your alliance has the expectation to use x number of flags, and you fail to meet those expectations repeatedly, and with no reason given, I agree there should be consequences. As part of a team, if you’re not helping, others are having to pick up the slack. Also, maybe that person isn’t a good fit for the alliance - idk.

More casual alliances exist, for those who can’t / don’t want to regularly hit titans. The consequence, less titan loot.

I think the point other posters in this thread are making is, that there already is extra reward for attacking the titan… A regular source of titan loot, which occasionally is outstanding when it is defeated.

Correct, the punishment is demotion.

My alliance expect each members to use at least 3 flags. There are exception such as when the Titan die before 12 hours or the member already have excuse.

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Titan goes down alrdy with everyone using 3 or 4 Flags… Dont like rules that require holding dmg.

One extra AM roll for 5 flags used? But I doubt it would stimulate the lazy ones… more like a reward for those active…

You are wrong. Maybe on low lvl Titans

Higher like 10-12 need 5 att.per person (in case everybody make 4-5)

Stringing 14 stars. Trust me, they die within 8 hours regularly in top 30.

5.72 mill hp / 30 people / 4 flags = 47667 dmg per flag.

Plenty of people doing 45k to 110k hits.

anyway we got only ■■■■■ from titan loot 99% of time, so extra reward would be just an extra minor potion

This is a bad idea that encourages an unhealthy level of competition in all but the highest tier alliances. It would reward players who can throw extra titan flasks, while punishing players who can’t be online to get hits in at the titan’s spawn.

In my alliance, we often have to hold back to avoid killing a titan before everyone has had a chance to hit it. Use of flasks is reserved for rare titans that are still up at 6 hours til escape. A “reward” for using more flags turns into a punishment for anyone who holds back to let other members get in their hits.

I get it that high end alliances can string 12-14* titans, and need every hit to take the beasts down. The reward for using more flags there is successfully stringing 12*+ titans and getting a higher titan score.