Extra Rare Quest Generated

As you probably noticed, we had to force two updates in rapid succession. We try to avoid that, and I understand the frustration this may have caused. As an apology, and a token of our continued appreciation, we have just generated an extra Rare Quest for you guys. I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks! Please continue to gratify us with rare quests & tokens, this apprecitation is always welcome!


Thank you, very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would encourage an agile development model if this is the result :slight_smile:

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Please keep making these mistakes and sending rare quests. Thank you :slight_smile:


Great idea, thanks. Gives us more than just a random token that is gone in a minute, but an additional round of good gaming :slight_smile:

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(I also need some D Blades, thank you in advance… :wink:)


Thanks to all at SG! Would appreciate it if you appreciate us daily, rather than just once in a blue moon :wink:


not to be devil’s advocate, but Farholme Pass was due in the next two days. So does it mean we’ll get another rare quest in the next two days, or you just moved it up by one or two days?


@mhalttu any chance of throwing in a WE flask too? :stuck_out_tongue:

How about if we start getting 3 quests in the rotation on a regular basis?


I think it would be closer to 3 days (Sep 28), but you are correct. I expect that we will see the next rare quest before or at the weekend, all else would be Cheating :roll_eyes:

It will be sweet if we do get 2 rare quests this week, kudos to SG on this one

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@mhalttu - thank you! We appreciate that! :hugs::heart:

Thank you.

My request would be to keep some randomness in the rare quest drops. Calendars and clocks make this more a job than a game.

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I would agree ONLY if rare quests are more frequent :slight_smile:

They are my main source of ascension material since Titans, Chest, Visions and everything is governed by the RNG is absolutely refusing to provide me the material I need!


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@mhalttu extra means it does not effect the normal 7-10 day occurrence of a rare quest?
As it was already about 7 days since last rare and than it might have had appeared within the next day naturally.

It’s quite light to compensate the current frustration players are feeling for AW matchmaking mistakes, slaughter of wukong special to make a place to tarlak or reducing decent rewards on 9/10/11/12* titans.

Also we will apreciate an official answer to the post Sharing our concerns and hopes

I want to do a complaint.
Damascus blade not Tome :face_with_monocle:


The pass quest up for regular rotation was for the Tome. So it would have been very bad to bypass it and do two blades in a row.