Extra mana over-charge in the battle

I suggest to add an extra-mana over-charge in the battle. I am going to explain it with an example.

*** NOWADAYS ***

The Hero’s Specials Ability would be available when 100% of mana is collected. Then, once it is used would be zeroed.

*** EXAMPLE ***

  1. mana bar from 0% to 100%, as today
  2. small square on the left of the bar
  3. the square is divided in 4 quadrant
  4. each quadrant keep a 5% of extra-mana
  5. once the 4 square are full, over-shoot available
  6. over-shoot allows a 5% or a 10% of extra power accordingly with the ability specs

The alternative is having a star (5 quadrants, 25% of extra mana) or an exagon (6 quadrant, 30% of extra mana) both of these two would increase the extra ability power of a +10%.

In such a way, it could be possible to collect extra mana, extra power with a ratio of between 1:4 to 1:2 and this could be improved depending the level and grade of the heroes.

That would have been an interesting Class ability. It would be a huge change to the basic mechanics, however.

That’s right but it could experimented into an Event (Quests) and against Titan. It could be used for a new class of heroes.

However, the idea could be experimented and slowly introduced not necessarily took as a “whole major change” into the game logic.

After all, how many heroes like Christmas Heroes have special abilities that trick the common plain rules of the game? All of them.

Even in the case the editor decide to introduce this feature for the whole game, the introduction could be done graduatelly. At the beginning only 4, 5* heroes at the maximum ascention and progressively to the others until it would be a general rule.

Is the idea interesting. Does the idea brings value for the editor and players? Yes and yes. Then a way to introduce it without messing the whole game is always possible. Progressive introduction would be a nice way to do it.

Another way to introduce the feature? Those pay the VIP access would have this feature on their multi-stars 3, 4 e 5* heroes. In such a case the feature could be fixed to the heroes (useful to increase their value on the market among players the day it might be in place) or fixed to the gamer/pay per month (which is more meaningful because as long as the player is a VIP does not should worry about how the heroes came from).

Finally, the feature could be sold as VIP+ package. They could reduce the fee of traditional VIP membership (in my country is €5.49, about $5+VAT) by 20-25% in order to enlarge the user’s paying base and then offer the VIP+ for a surcharge.

In my opinion the could have a good value return if the lower the VIP to $4 net (in my country it would be €4+VAT which is €4.89 – between €4.49 and €4.99) and raise the VIP+ to $6 net (in my country would be €6+VAT – between €6.49 and €6.99). I suggest the combination of €4.49 and €6.49 which the halved sum will be €5.49 spread over an enlarged paying base.

The VIP and VIP+ could increase the user base about 20% bringing for the editor a 10% more revenue with a higher degree of renewal in monthly option especially for those bought VIP+.

After two months of VIP, at the third renew the editor could give a VIP+ for try-before buy. I have the sensation that many would stick with VIP+ after they have tried it once for free.

I do think the idea is interesting, but as you suggest it’s the sort of new idea that is better suited as part of a Hero of the Month’s special skill. The ability to “over-charge” any hero would be a huge shift in the overall game-play. It is fairly typical to get more tiles dropped than the minimum needed to charge a hero – especially for Average mana heroes, which all too often need four match-3s to charge, rather than the minimum 10 tiles. If an Average mana hero could store just one tile of extra mana, then the usual situation would be that the second cast would only need 9 more tiles, or three match-3s. That’s a big boost in effective strength.

On a HotM, though, it would be limited in scope and could be balanced with the rest of the Special Skill. It’d be an interesting thing to see.

The extra mana feature is not proposed as a mere hero feature. It is proposed as a general change of game rule. However, you correctly pointed out that this general change would have a great impact on the game logic.

That’s the point. It should have a great impact on the game logic to bring enough value to the Game Editor in such a way it would worth to be developed.

How this change could improve the revenue of the GE, the gamers’ play experience and the engagement?

I brought some examples. Introducing in an event to make people know what is it. Offering as premium advantage for paying players, etc.

After all, those people got on the top of the hall of the fame are hungry of new empowerments and challenges. Collecting new heroes is nice for a while but on the long run is quite exausting.

Introducing a change into the game rules for paying players brings forward the game without changing the existing hall of the fames.

On the long run, I think that it would make some kind of difference in the hall of fame as well. After all, those do not adapt to the change are doomed to succumb to the new arrivals.

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