Extra damage to X element (the percentage should be disclosed)

This has been going on for too long. Some of us, players, like to play this game strategically to the bone.

Disclosing the extra damage percentage would be very helpful to clarify, calculate, weigh and make sense of a hero’s special. It can even increase with the level of special skill too. From my personal point of view, there seems to be no sensible reason to disclose the percentages of almost every ability and keep this one under the hood.

There is a topic, where the forum members have put together a list about what extra damage means per each hero based on experience:

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Thanks for the reply. I already know the estimated numbers but my point is that those numbers should be disclosed in the game.

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Not everyone who plays Empires also reads the forum or even knows about the forum.

Moreover, it’s inconvenient to always look up the percentages before battles. And now there are quite a lot different heroes with often different values out there so that it is hard to remember all.

We also wouldn’t appreciate if Kiril’s, Rigard’s, Ariel’s,… cards would only show “Heals a significant amount of HP” instead of the exact percentage. So why not show the exact percentage of the extra damage to fire/water/holy/…


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