"Extra Damage Against" Will Holy Ever Get It's Turn?

I’ve brought this up before but been awhile and don’t think it had it’s own thread

Holy is the only color without an “extra damage vs” hero/hotm

Curious about possibilities as to why…

Also curious how it would have effected past holy hotm to have this feature

Would it have made drake or onatel OP?
Would it have made neith and musashi more desirable?
Would it help malosi deal slightly more damage without making him OP?


Nice suggestion to buff Neith.
Double dmg against dark.


Idk, it’s nice but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily game changing…

It has the biggest impact when there is a stack going on…

Due to the nature of MOST defences, the stack isn’t usually there to take advantage of in offence… So usually in offence your “deals extra damage” is really aimed at one hero, two if you’re lucky.

In defence however it all changes. Stick the “deals extra damage against” her close to (or as) the tank & suddenly the likelihood of that stack goes up.

I guess where I’m going with this is if it were added to Malosi I would say it was somewhat wasted… Malosi isn’t really a defensive hero, not with a specialist target special… He’s also single target while all the other “extra damage against” heroes are over an area

I agree with the sentiment that it should be added to Holy for balance sake but the implementation would have been wasted on Malosi (imo anyways).

Neith on the other hand… :thinking:


Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! Slow down there! Yellow just got not one, but two defense down heroes. Next thing you will be asking for is a 5* yellow elemental debuffer.

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it’s +40% not double

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Been askin for 1 forever lol

Vs rainbow defenses i definitely notice the extra damage

Think for the lineups losing joon and putting in malosi; the extra damage wouldn’t be considered a waste in purp tank wars

Granted it wouldn’t add a ton to his utility and would be better used on drake or neith but those ships have sailed…

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I had called for this buff of Neith after her nerf in beta before her release… too bad it never materialized. She would have been the perfect candidate.


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I don’t get why holy gets neglected so bad. Took up until a few months ago to finally get the first regular defense down holy. I think Malosi is a good hero, but up until him, it was either blind or mana control for literally every single holy HOTM otherwise. Give us a 5* jackal, or a 5* holy ramming pulverizer. White rabbit is very hard to obtain. For him to be the ONLY holy regular defense down hero is nonsense.

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Neith has already been buffed to +40% against dark or do you mean Ursls plus against holy?

Since Ursl sets up holy reflection and Neith hits like a warm shower, +100% was okay imo.

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i mean when it says does extra damage against X its a 40% boost not 100%


I had an easier time getting costume viv and think i actually prefer her over the rabbit due to all vs 1

I mean if drake hit 3 but blinded one…he would suck right? Well about how i feel about the rabbit. Was stoked when he was first mentioned then caught the little detail of only droppin defense of 1…interest dropped off pretty hard

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In general, it would make sense if there was strong parity and symmetry for the colors, either by making the options near-identical for each color or by making them extremely different. Sometimes e&p feels stuck in the middle of the two options, where some offerings occur across all colors and then others dont. But my preference would be for small giant to further the differences in what kind of heroes and special skills each color has vs trying to make them more similar.

When the game first launched, (obviously with exceptions), blue seemed to be the defense color (magni vs isarnia), yellow the blindness color (wu vs justice), purple the damage color (Sarnia v Quintos), red the dot color, while green seemed the most versatile.

I think over the past few years, some colors have lost an identity while yellow and red have still mostly retained them.

Yea it’s not necessarily that the rabbit is 'great". It’s that he’s the only one of his kind. So you are forced to take the good with the bad. Him and Jackal together would be good for titans and against purple tanks in wars. Although Kunch takes away his main punch so yea, definitely not a must have.

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