Extended grades for heroes

Will our ratings of heroes substantially change?

How do we rework grades and ratings to incorporate classes?

How long will this take?

So many questions

But for the new player all existing guides will probably suffice

It’s gonna take

If you look at the examples posted, enhanced 5 stars have a higher power rating than a normal 5 star. The difference looks like it is less than a 4 star to a 5 star though…

Of course that was beta, it may be different when we actually raise these in a production environment

One interesting question is 5 max 5 stars use up all of my team cost right now…what level do you have to be at to support 5 fully enhanced 5 stars?

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I don’t think the class system will change the relative strength of heroes all that much. Some of the class abilities are better than others, and some pair well or poorly with certain heroes in that class, but it’s not a big enough difference to alter anyone’s ranking by a full grade. The real difference comes from the stats of an upgraded hero vs its unupgraded counterpart,

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