Extend spectator mode to all battles

When you join an alliance after the preparation phase started, you’ll have to watch the battlefield in spectator mode. It lets you see the teams, who’s attacking who, but you can’t attack.

So… idea: we should be able to watch in spectator mode the battles of all alliances. There’s little private info that could be gathered: we can already see when anyone is online and their raid defense team. Also, up to 60 players get to watch the battlefield, a few more watching doesn’t change anything.

So this would be more for studying battle strategies and cheering your favorite team.

Sounds interesting, but how is this studying strategy when you can only see who attacks who, without even seeing what team somebody has chosen for the battle.

I would love the opportunity to see the war battles as if you were fighting them, but in a “read only mode”. Darn, I would probably even pay 50 gems to watch Zero raid (even though it is free on YouTube). Maybe 5 gems to watch a war battle with the alliance… 50 Gems to watch a top player…

1,000 gems to watch a top player in a challenge event and be able to talk trash… there is the potential for some money for SG. (Not so serious about this 1,000 gem idea, but the other two seem solid).

Well, by strategy I mean you can see what defenses they put. Some alliances use tank of the same color. You could also see if they use more healers in teams, etc. I’d also be curious if the tanks of top alliances are anything else than Guin, maybe with the occasional Ares. :slight_smile:

You can’t see what attack teams the members of your own alliance use, so it would be weird to ask that for other alliances.

But I would love to see my members’ attacks/battles, though.

For the moment, you can watch Anchor’s and Zaratu’s streams where they show some of the defence and offence teams in wars.

That’s a different suggestion that should also be considered.