Export titan event log

A nice, and maybe simple to program, feature I’d like to see is being able to export the titan event log.

This would allow alliances to import into excel and more easily determine:

  • member activity
  • average power per member hit
  • more easily determine when to go for a titan kill or let it go for the next one (the reason why this topic came)

I’ve done the work manual once but it’s tideous and prone to human error

Hiya, this has been frequently requested. Some main ones:

My suggestion would be to look into some OCR (ocular character recognition) stuff. One that is active on Discord which does titan log to text:

I also have an excel sheet built to work with titan stats if you’re interested. Just pm me on Line at Guvnor81.


I guess I was using too specific search terms, or maybe my searches were not properly returning results on my mobile.

Anyway thanks for your reply, I’m going to check jeeves later today and ping you to see what you’ve come up with

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I’ll close this one and allow you to support one of the other ideas. (Power in groups!)

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