Explanation of Game Boredom

You can do all these on your own, you don’t need SG to build it(give permission), just go to season 2 and run it only using 3* heroes.

LOL I’ve autoplayed a lot of the provinces using vanilla 4s and 5s. I don’t see an issue with that, only the highest levels should require the best heroes and top levels of gameplay anyway.

As for heroes, I am somewhat fortunate in that I do have 4 HotMs and a couple of event 5*s. But my roster is severely lacking in heroes from other seasons and events. I have no 5s and barely any 4s from Seasons 2-4. Many of the posts on here are always talking about Guardian this and Guinevere Onatel Kunchen that, Alberich Black Knight Lepus blah blah blah…

I have none of these heroes, why don’t I have any of those heroes? I would like some of those heroes too. Even the 4 star ones, I don’t care, I just want to pull something - anything other than another vanilla feeder more than once every 3-4 months.


I don’t disagree with that being possible. It was someone above who said it shouldn’t be.

As for the other 4’s, I beat S2 on normal and hard and my summons were aweful. No 5’s and only Ameonna and Danzaburo as 4’s. Given the new coin system I am not even trying anymore for cracks at Wilbur, Proteus, Sumitomo, Gadeirus, Triton, etc. The odds don’t warrant the effort IMO. That’s why I wish they had other means for them for people in my position. I am not even asking for 5’s. Anyway …



I’m also arguing against them, saying that it should be possible. Considering how low the actual rewards are for most PVE content in this game, it certainly doesn’t need to be any harder - that’s just a lot of work for nothing.

And what do we actually mean by harder, anyway? Giving the enemy heroes a billion HP so that it takes 45 minutes and tons of battle items just to get through one map stage? Ugh… yeah, because I’m sure that wouldn’t turn off any players. :roll_eyes:

I might be willing to do that if at the end I got a nice big chest filled with emblems and tons of replacement battle items and an epic hero token or something, but no…

I have come to jokingly refer to several things in this game. EHTs are Dawa tokens. Monster chest loot is “leaf and a rope”. Elemental chests are now “tall boots, leaf and a rope, plus 3 Aife tokens”. Rare titans are “spend all of your battle items for a 0.0000001% chance for bonus reward”.

Same here. I’d be excited just to get new 4s.

What I have managed to obtain on my main account between last October and now:

  • Francine, October 2020 (best pull I’ve had in a long time! obtained from gems or tokens or something)

  • Richard #4 from TC20, October 2020 (seriously, another Richard? get creative please…)

  • Carol, December 2020 (she’s no Mother North, but better than a hole in the head… I was happy to get her)

  • Vivica, March 2020 (costume summons, was a welcome relief after a long dry spell of crap)

  • Sartana, March 2020 from TC20

Now that doesn’t seem too bad, right? Four legendaries and a unique epic in 6 months? Except that two of those legendaries came from TC20, which I’ve been running two of nonstop…

Two TC20s over 6 months = 180 summons
“Supposedly” 5% odds of pulling a 5* hero from TC20
After 180 TC20 summons, I should have pulled NINE 5* heroes, not TWO


Then to top it all off, after spending 20+ EHTs on Springvale so far, not one single 5*.
I know, I know. 20 summons is not even close to enough to “guarantee” a 5*.

But shouldn’t it be???


The devs installed the autoplay function back in the day following numerous, and vociferous, complaints that having to manually farm S1-8-7 or wherever was a soul destroying experience. I’m not sure they ever envisioned a time where players had the cards to auto every map/event/quest.

As others have said, you can make the game challenging using unleveled cards, only one or two cards, or whatever.

The thing is, it’s still the same process: matching coloured squares.

To those that say “Don’t like it? Then don’t play!” Good call, I don’t anymore and haven’t for quite some time.

I was making an attempt to answer the the OP at why the game is boring, not belittling those that still enjoy Empires.


The match 3 aspect of PVE absolutely is boring IMO. The fun parts to me are

  • getting new heroes
  • finishing new heroes
  • seeing if those new heroes help me fare any better on titans, wars, etc.

And also alliance teamwork. The heroes are a means to an end but also an end to a means. Get better heroes so that I can get better loot so that I can get and ascend better heroes, so that my alliance as a team can kill bigger titans and win more wars.


Nicely put, and sums up the vicious circle of the game. While we patiently await someone to tell us how wrong that statement is and how they cheese 14* titan every day with 5x Dawa (unemblemed, unleveled and 1* troops attached), how could the game mechanic itself be tweaked do you think?

I’m of the opinion that given how much the peripheral stuff in Empires has evolved, that something other than the match-3 should be in there somewhere. I’m just not sure what form it should take.


To be fair I was trying to question how it’s boring by being easy. Use your weaker heroes or set your own parameters. The concept of match can’t change much and if that’s too boring you’re screwed. That is the game.

I agree, it should be. Are we agree-fighting like two elderly deaf people who yell like they’re fighting because they can’t hear what the other is saying but are actually agreeing the whole time? If so, that’s fun … I have witnessed these, they are flabbergasting …



Fully agree

As I said a few posts ago.

Again, given how much the devs have expanded the game from it’s inception, there must surely be a provision for an event/challenge or even an entire map to be run not as a match-3. A mini game within the game.

They’re clever guys up there in Finland, I’m sure they could cobble something together. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol. I knew it was in here somewhere.

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LOL does that really happen? 5 unleveled Dawas would get slaughtered by a 2* titan. I can’t imagine the leader of an alliance that is taking on 14* titans being okay with one of their members doing that on a regular basis.

I’ve accepted that it’s a match-3 game at its core, and I can’t really think of any way to tweak that aside from maybe tossing in a RTS type minigame where you actually attack each other’s bases instead of raiding their defense team in the current PVP match-3 AI environment…

My main complaint has always been about the lack of hero availability to all those except for the very fortunate or very wealthy. Playing around with different hero combinations can be fun, but when 90% of those hero options are out of reach for all but the “most generous donors”… and people still try to argue that the game is not pay to win?

This is actually a very loose definition of the term, which suggests that even anything that advances game progress faster could be constituted as “pay to win” - and the example lists a considerably low value of $400. In this game, there are actually heroes that are nearly impossible to obtain in any amount of time without spending thousands. So for anyone who says this game is not “pay to win” - you’re right, it’s not a normal run-of-the-mill pay to win. It’s “pay to win” on heavy duty steroids!!!

Ey? No, you misheard me, I said it should be! Elderberry tea? No thanks, I’m sipping on raspberry here. Greedy the whole time? Yep, that they are for sure. As for the bladder gassing, hasn’t started yet. Probably will once my Metamucil starts kicking in though. You should consider yourself lucky that you’re way over there!


I’m sure it doesn’t happen and I was being a tad facetious. Usually, when a post goes up saying the better cards are needed to win the better rewards etc, someone quickly chips in with " Nah bro! I finished (insert event) with map drop heros only coz I iz the shizzle!". Or something to that effect. Lol


Oh yeah those posts are super lulzy.

Like when someone on here told me that my lowest level players should have no problem killing a 20 emblemed costumed Rigard with 5 Banes in a fast mana / field aid war.


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:money_with_wings: :moneybag: :monkey:


Why would I do that? Doing challenges myself has no incentive. Sometimes people just want a reward after doing a task, nothing wrong with it. If SG would to give challenges and add a reward at the end; even a simple one, people would play with whatever challenges they give no matter how hard it is.
The bare minimum of a challenge I would give myself is to match my team power with the enemy. My springvale easy mode (and every seasonal event easy mode) was done by my 5*s at 1:1

Your incentive is not being bored

Personally, I am less bored doing a boring task when I know there is something exciting to be had after completing it. I wouldn’t go to work if there wasn’t a paycheck at the end of the day.

And that is essentially what grinding in this game is, it’s work. That’s what grinding is in most games. Sometimes it’s fun, at least maybe the first 100 times or so. But after that, we’re doing it for the loot. No loot? No fun.


To me the game isn’t boring,I love the challenges from the events to the Titans,and War games.What I’m mostly upset with is that we are always waiting for items to ascend our Heroes.Sometimes items will pop up for us to have to pay a pretty penny for them.I have a lot of Heroes that have been waiting to be ascend now for over 8months now.I remember back a few years ago this was never an issue.So what I’m saying is can E&P change this up some to where it is more fair to us.

I’ve been playing almost 2 years now and have my top teams but they are hit hard-kill quick. So awhile back I was slaughtered by a weak team with hero synergy. Since then I’ve enjoyed and learned quite a bit about using different heroes that compliment each other. Plus sometimes I just enjoy their specials ie; melosi, norms Edd (the squishy stabby blood sound)

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I’ve only been playing about a year but I can’t manage to pull the top heroes for anything! Even when I pay for 10 pulls etc all I get are duplicates. Frustrated like crazy! I’m building the heroes I have but I’m nearing the point of the game not being worth it if I can never draw any of the better heroes from pulls. Not worth it to pay for ten dupes each time! GRRRR.

Welcome to the forum @Astiria and, sadly, welcome to the E&P experience too! Getting the top cards is as frustrating as all hell. You will get some over the natural course of the game, if you play long enough. However if you want them all, or just more of them quicker, then it’s cash you’ll need. Possibly lots of it. :frowning:

There are plenty of threads on this forum about F2P players and how they balance their game play without paying into SG retirement fund.

Whatever you choose to do, remember it is only a game and not worth losing sleep over, so settle in for the journey. Good luck and happy gaming :blush:


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