Explanation of Game Boredom

Hey all!

I see a lot of a common complaint that many players are getting bored with the game in regards to the game being too easy. In particular PvE, events, etc.

For sake of clarity I understand this is a different matter than getting bored from the grind, etc.

The more I thought about this the more it made me genuinely curious as to why people feel that way so this was my hope to have that open conversation. This isn’t a judgement to say anyone is playing wrong. As far as I am concerned if you’re enjoying the game you’re playing it right.

I understand the obvious that if you have a team, or multiple teams, of A+ 5* heroes with 18-20 emblems you will blow through events and province stages like a hot :hocho: through :butter:. I guess the part I don’t understand is why a player, if they found it boring, would continue to use that team, or teams, everywhere.

  • Simply because the player has the ability to use this team why does the player use it if it renders the game boring?

  • The developers have created a lot of heroes at different levels in different colors. If the heroes aren’t the best heroes on your roster you can still use them. What’s the point of keeping them otherwise? For example myself and some others have created our own challenges with emblem quests with:

4* challenge
Vanilla challenge
4 hero challenge (props to the brilliant @jinbatsu and @Silencio for finishing that one :+1:)

I guess I don’t understand why it is so crazy to make it harder on yourself if you’re bored. I think the percentage of the overall players base that has the types of teams described above is very small. I can see why there aren’t many areas outside PvP that can challenge those teams. They would be making a level that probably 90-95% of their player base can’t beat.

I do understand why people would push to reach to that level given PvP battles, titans, wars, etc. I just don’t understand the need to HAVE to use them everyone if it lessens your game enjoyment.

Most of the players at that level have paid to get there. This isn’t about saying paying in the game is right or wrong. Paying just gets you speed IMO. You get to that end game faster. My Richard +19 as a F2P is identical to someone who has paid Richard +19. They just got their faster (and also likely maxed and emblemed a different hero than Richard :laughing:, anyway …). If you worked as hard as is needed to reach that level and know you’ll only use those heroes and feel bored, aren’t you racing towards and putting a lot of effort towards getting to a point you don’t want to be faster?

I would love to hear from the players who fit that mold to understand what stops them from doing more things on their end to enjoy the game. It seems a common stance is akin to “I have these super strong teams the game let me achieve it should be the developers job to challenge me”. I think that is somewhat unfair given how many variations they do give you to work with to enjoy the game if you attire feeling bored. I also don’t think the game was designed to cater to those players in terms of game play itself given the small amount of the play base actually will achieve this level in their game careers. PvP is probably the natural counter this for them to feel a challenge.

Good luck out there!



For me it’s just I don’t want to play the stages with the same heroes over and over and over again. Yeah Proteus is going to rule over everything because of his OP mana block. Back when my roster wasn’t good enough, he got me through the entirety of S2. But it’s gets really monotonous after a while to use him on literally everything from raids to story mode to events. Once I got my share of premium 5*s, I gradually stopped using pro already because I simply have more toys to play with.
This is also why I admire F2Ps who can stick with their S1 heroes for years and not leave the game, how they can do this is amazing to me. If I were them, I would have left this game ages ago because my roster wasn’t improving.

In terms of difficulty, they could easily have added in terms and conditions for all stages like the star grading system we see in most match 3 puzzle games. You do a specific requirement that the stage has to earn stars.
Requirements for example:

  • no fire heroes allowed
  • no more than 3 heroes in the stage
  • only female heroes allowed
  • no more than 2 of the same elements in the team

These conditions are just for people to achieve the high score of that stage

If this is reason for the boredom, then I also have a suggestion. Add a level cap to the stages with differing levels of difficulty
Easy mode- 4:80 maxed
Challenging mode- 3:70 maxed
Ultimate mode- 2:60 maxed

Of course the difficulty needs to be balanced according to the different level caps. It needs to be challenging, but not impossible to beat.

It would add a lot of replayability and it won’t feel like you’re replaying stages to farm for mats


Thanks for the feedback. I am actually a 3 year F2P myself.

I guess my question is, if Proteus got boring and too repetitive why did you keep using him? People beat those stages without him, is there a stigma to losing beyond wasted WE or something?

I understand the cap limits too, which would be fun. I like to try weird things. I guess that also harkens back to what is stopping a player themself from saying “I am going to beat BLANK without using any red heroes”? Why does the game need to do that for you?

For example last Holloween and Christmas events I used the same 4* team through all difficulties to see if I could. It was fun, but also not a limit imposed by the game itself. Does that makes sense?

Thanks again for the reply!


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I like to raid off colour when it gets a bit dull. So it’s a Blue tank? Bring your red.

It’s harder, makes you consider your moves and sure you lose some but that’s the challenge.

I did it yesterday in fact when My raid chest popped up as a blue elemental. Didn’t see the point leaving the flags so used them for a bit of fun.

Trying to beat teams with my blue mono 3* is my current friendly battle challenge. It’s rock hard trying to beat a 4500 team with a 3k team let me tell you :joy: But it’s fun and I’ve done it once so far. Nearly did a 100 emblem team the other day…stupid Heimdall :joy:


Right, that is fun. I mess around all the time with similar things. That’s why I get confused when people say everything is too easy. No one makes you bring your A+ team all the time. It’s like brining a nuclear missile to a knife fight …

Think of your own challenge with the other 50+ maxed heroes not your top 5 on your roster. It seems to be similar to the mindset of the group saying HotMs are junk because they’re not A+ heroes. There are a lot of levels in between newbie and A+ monster.


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Same old thing month after month.

  1. Wars - minimal skill, board and RNG dependent
  2. Raids - nothing new. Spend a lot of ham for fair matches.
  3. New events - worsening odds for 5* summons = money grab
  4. Power creep - every season the 5* heroes get stronger. Either pay to survive (if you are lucky enough to summon 5* cards) or accept the fact you are less competitive vs the whales
  5. Big gripe - S1 cards still in special event summons. And since the trash odds mean this is what you likely get it’s a complete waste of effort and/or money. Same for TC 20. Same for Hero Academy.
  6. Game spits out duplicates at an annoying rate and not much you can do with them. Example - did an S4 30-pull. Got 2 Fogg. Now what? If I put the dup in HA it will likely spit out an S1. So I hold on to the stinking thing wasting a roster slot in hopes I can eventually get some value for it.

All of these things plus the grind leads to boredom and annoyance.


Breaking news
According to a recent poll by Gallup many players’ biggest challenge while playing is ensuring the toilet they are using at the airport/company has not run out of paper.

And they like it like that.
Want a challenge? Run an Ironman.

This is a game, making it a proofing ground is up to individuals.

And sticking to individual opinion…
I strongly believe that if you use money to get better you know nothing about challenge and competition :kissing_heart:

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People use money in this game to get better in order win the better prizes and prestige. You won’t see yourself winning anything huge just by skill alone. It’s all about the RNG

It’s just a lot easier to pass stages with him and back then my team was struggling. And also back then I was a DOT fanatic, so I like to stack poison and burn to whittle down anyone. It’s satisfying to me

Explanation of game boredom…shuffling little pixels around on your phone screen is not overly thrilling at the best of times. :upside_down_face:

Edit: I honestly think its the sheer repetitive nature of the tasks that wear players down.


My issue is this in terms of PVE content.
We are now on season 4 and its basically season 1 all over again.
The story line is not the issue. I do not need an epic novel to be happy, just some sort of story is fine with me.
But we are just doing the same things over and over. There is no challenge as you progress from season 1 through season 4. The same vanilla season 1 heroes can get you through it. There is no actual progression.
The new elements are too little to actually make a difference. the different tiles in S3 and S4 are nothing special and have very little effect on game play since you can auto play every level with vanilla S1 heroes.
The special conditions are too little as well to have an effect as you auto play with vanilla S1 heroes.

I don’t want to auto play, but why shouldn’t I? the developers refuse to make a challenge.

ToL is a joke for a challenge and I can not understand why so many people prefer it over NT. You can do half of ToL with 3* heroes or unleveled 4/5* heroes. It is called Tower of LEGENDS and its one of the easiest elements of the game.

I want a challenge from the developers. I should not expect S4 to be as easy as S1, but it is.

What would I consider a challenge?
Thanks for asking…
First off I do not need 360 levels of repetition.
Make 12 provinces per new season. Release 1 Province per month
Each Province has 10 Stages
The story progresses from stage to stage not just at the beginning and end of a province.

Each Province has conditions that make it unique. For example in atlantis we had underwater stages. I would go with an entire underwater province. SO damage after so many turns just like in atlantis. In this province Fire heroes get -75% attack and defence. Blue heroes get +20% attack and defense. Green heroes get +10% attack and defense
Most of the enemies are GREEN.
Now each stage in the province gets another effect. that builds from stage to stage. This effect would be different in each province.
As an example in stage 1 mana production is reduced by 2%, in stage 2 it is 3% by stage 10 its reduced by 11%.
In Hard mode all of this is amped up a bit, SO the damage after so many turns is doubled and teh number of turns before you take damage is reduced. , the mana reduction starts at 4% and goes to 13%. Green heroes only get +5% att and def. Blue only get +10% attack and def. Increase the stats of the enemies slightly, not just add more hp so it takes longer to kill them.

Also Stop this nonsense of 3 waves in a stage with 3 enemies per wave. we are beyond that. That was s1. we are at s4. SO start with 4 or 5 waves and work your way up to 7-9 waves. have more waves with 5 enemies. hect lets go with 6-9 enemies in a wave. Not sure if the graphics can support that but if they can, why not?

Also its time to have real enemies that may require some thought, not just the same mobs in different clothing. Every wave should have at least 1 serious enemy. It should have a special attack. That special attack may tie in with the modifiers of the stage and province. I would love to see enemies that spawn minions and have class abilities.

In short stop giving us quantity over quality. I would prefer 1 province released per month for a total of 12 with 10 stages or less, and that each stage requires some thought and effort to complete. I am sick of every enemy save the supposed boss(es) of the stage being the exact same thing we have been fighting since S1:1-2 in different clothing and more hp.
I want more levels like the final stage of S3. In fact if the 10th stage of every province was something like that but with variety and uniqueness, that would be more challenging as well.

I don’t just want to progress through a map, I want the progression through the map to progress in difficulty.

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The different tile idea was first seen in the original Springvale, if memory serves. Halloween and Christmas events next featured them. Someone may correct me on the order of those that featured the tiles first but they’re certainly not a new feature, just more repetition.

No thanks I don’t want to play a stage where I take 15-20 mins to clear it because there are 10 waves in it


It’s a match 3 game…I don’t really know what more stuff they can do to make it different? Season 4 has different things happening within it. The Biome thing is interesting, making it harder to just stack easy and the special tiles do something different to any other.

The vast majority of online games are essentially the same thing everyday. I played Counter Strike for 5 years…we played like 3 to 4 maps tops.

Same as Call of Duty - the game is essentially the exact same thing. You are just running around and shooting at people. It was the same yesterday, it will be the same tomorrow. New maps aren’t new for long and new guns are quickly either what everyone is using because its OP on release and then gets nerfed (hmmm, seems familiar) or underpowered and no one uses them at all.

Why do I still play it? Because despite it boring me to tears now it’s a chance to interact and have some bants with mates I’ve not seen in a long time now due to Covid.

Now I find the repetitive grind of E&P somewhat comforting but if I didn’t it would be the great alliance I’m in that would keep me playing it. I might cut down on some of the extra stuff but I’d stay playing it because human interaction keeps the day interesting.

Many things going on in this game, but boredom is still not a word i would use to describe it.

I’m a bit pissed, not bored.


If you want a progressively more difficult game why don’t you just play a platform?

There are many reason for the game to stay feasible with S1 heroes, the main reason being: they are the only ones everyone can access.

It has to be understood that it’s not the devs fault if by buying stuff players make the game easier for them. It’s a choice - which they like, but not their fault.
You can make things a little bit more difficult as you progress in PVE but, given the drop ratio of the game, not that much otherwise you are basically asking to pay for the new maps.

I also believe your statement according to which you can autoplay hard levels through all of S4 with vanilla S1 heroes is proof you actually don’t do it.


I never said playing season 4 with season 1 heroes is boring. Being able to use the god awful auto play feature is a joke and makes it boring. Now I realize everything needs to be able to be done with only S1 heroes.

I am basically f2p. I Have bought a few offers. I may have invested very little in 3 years. I use mostly S1 heroes, although I have been lucky to get a few HOTM, a few S2 4* a s3 5*, a few s3 4* and 2 or 3 challenge heroes. So using vanilla s1 heores is what I do, and many of them are 4*.

My frustration and boredom comes from every season is basically season 1 all over again with too many levels of monotonous grind. The special tiles and biomes and effects they are including have zero effect on game play, as proved by the fact the inept AI of the autoplay feature can be used to do most levels of s2,s3, and so far s4 using vanilla s1 heores.

It is further complicated by the fact that challenge events are the exact same thing every month with just a different skin, instead of making each event UNIQUE

Add to that ToL is a joke of an event.
Then you have NT which provides a challenge but is too much of a grind.
Mythic titans is a very nice change of pace and one of the better new features. Its familiar but different. However, once again, its the same thing month to month with just a different skin, so I expect it to become monotonous very quickly. They could be more unique and possibly 3 less flags would be great.

They just keep adding more and more content that is pretty much the same thing. I see no reason to just add more of the same. If they are going to add more it should be unique from other aspects of the game.

Funny that some people are bored with the game because it’s too “easy”. That’s not the boring part to me. I mean really, what’s the main difference between normal mode and hard mode? In hard mode, the enemies have a boatload more HP so they take longer to kill? Oh yeah, that’s fun. Or say new seasons or events where one of the tiles is a frozen solid rock that you can’t move, or a bomb that blows up in your face if you don’t move it in X number of turns, or whatever…

That’s supposed to be fun and interesting? LOL okay, if you say so. IMO, the match-3 mechanics themselves are boring. Always have been. It’s mostly the heroes themselves, and the team play aspects, that actually make this game interesting.

But then SG goes and locks 90% of the most interesting heroes behind an RNG-based paywall? :frowning_face:

Meanwhile other players are telling me “oh just have fun farming the provinces with your vanilla heroes!”

That was never fun to begin with! I always considered farming to be a means to an end, not vice versa.


I think this game is awesome love wasting my money on pulls and love it when they nerf my best hero’s so I can go try pull new ones. Its excellent the thrill of waiting for your buildings to level up so you can wait on levelling the next after you waited on food to advance and then wait for iron to advance then wait some more really test your patience . And climbing up that ninja tower what an adventure it is. The unfair matchmaking in wars is what a challenge is all about. And getting those bad borads at the same time to give you the feeling hopelessness in wars what a rush.
It’s never boring the possibilities are endless with enjoyment. :+1:


For me, the single greatest remedy for in-game boredom is to provide counsel and encouragement to other players. The cooperative aspect of the game, war especially, is choice! But that is mostly due to the challenges of using the team’s rosters to break a defense in as few flags as possible. Titans are self-explanatory; the map is, too.

I’ve gotten to the point that I monochrome almost everything – raids, maps, events. (I still take Wu along for titans) And I try to have the whole party at full health and full mana when I reach the boss stage – a minor challenge, but it makes the day go by. I also strive to use NO battle items except on the toughest boards – Muspelheim, Alfheim, and Asgard thoroughly tested that effort!

The different tile effects are a middling addition of flavor to the game. I do think that each event should have its own distinctive tile effect – even the monthlies.

My roster has been red-heavy since the beginning, so the underwater levels in Atlantis were a horrible drag. In the year and a half since I vanquished Ursena, I have finally gotten enough heroes in every color that the effect is mitigated by team selection. But when you’re in a position that 4-star heroes or better are needed, yet your roster and ascension mats are heavily skewed toward the default-hosed color . . . the routine grind becomes the march across Gorgoroth.

I am totally opposed to the idea of stages with more waves. 5 is more than sufficient. A far better option would be to increase the number of elite enemy stages. Or do nothing at all.

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