Explain to my alliance

I can’t find the thread that’s talking about when players put their lowest level heroes up for their defense team thinking it will effect how many points the other team gets. I could have swore I read somewhere that it all balances out to the same ball park number even if some players are using all 1*. If I’m mistaken, please let me know lol I want to read that discussion again so I can point some of my alliances members in that direction

It’s called the Fabian strategy, a very bad strategy at that. If you put 1* heroes or 5* heroes your entire alliance will always be worth 2000 points.
So, If one person puts up only 1* heroes, those points then get redirected to a different alliance team members.


Yes! You’re so awesome thank you!!!

It was so irritating trying to explain this to them, felt like I was talking in circles lol their alll good people I just think I wasn’t explaining it well enough so thank you tons. Now to go re-explain lol :slight_smile:


Been there, done that.

Didn’t get annoyed, but was surprised at how counter intuitive this proved to be, which made it hard to convince them.

At least the proof was in the pudding when we won. The question hasn’t popped up since. The evidence that proves the stronger the defence team the better chance at AW victory has been building up ever since.

Even the devs are considering adding a weight to defence team strength to improve AW matchmaking. It -is- that important.

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