Explain this!

This game is cheating and here is the proof. Vanda has more than 1000 life but her life bar is empty.


Did she end up dying?

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I suppose it’s a bug, maybe you should post it in the bug section and report it to the staff?


Vanda steals healing, all your heroes are affected by her special. The way the game works is that it knows how moves pan out before all the graphic side of it is displayed, this quite often means that a heroes figures are different to the display, until the point that the graphics catch up. You can view this by bringing up heroes stats at different stages of a fight. Even if your move causes an eleven move combo cascade, all the figures will be updated as soon as the cascade starts(game knows what has happened immediately) , the graphics will only catch up afterwards. Hope you understand what i am saying.


This is why I never trust the HP bar. I always hold down on the hero and see the HP number. Especially if I’m using heroes like Fenrir (or Kage, C.Azlar, Skadi, etc)

@Krtko please submit a new support request so we can investigate this further. #contact-support


it is a visual bug but really annoying
i did report it before last year as well in but nothing seems to change

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It actually even goes a little further than that. As soon as YOU move, it knows every single thing that will happen through the end of the opponents move. So it knows your cascades/combos, as well as all your enemies next moves. So your heros can end up reading 0 HP while your move is still ongoing.

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